Hockey! And babies! (not combined!)

First – hockey.

We won our second game in a row, and the second game of the season. We’re undefeated so far. And not only did we win – we got a shutout win tonight. Its a nice feeling when it all comes together, much like the league organizer thought we’d do.

As I’ve already gushed to my team on our forum, I feel extremely lucky to play with a group of people that get along so well and play for the enjoyment of the game. We lost horribly for a long time, and I imagine we still will, but we’ve never really been “down” about it. On top of all that, playing this team tonight made us realize how bad it could be – their teammates were berating one another on the ice in the middle of a play! We might skate by and say “next time, do this instead” but never the things they were saying!

Okay. Enough hockey for now… if I don’t stop here, I’ll never stop.

On to babies.

We did the “crash course” weekend birthing classes this weekend. I think they were very informative, but I do worry somewhat about my retention level. I suppose I’ll do some reviewing of the materials she gave us, just as a refresher, as we get closer. We didn’t have to watch any videos that were too graphic – the C-section video actually switched to a 3D animation for the procedure. (Mark & Laurie’s video showed the real deal… and Laurie didn’t watch!)

The fun part is that in the first part of the first of the first class, we had to meet another one of the couples in the class, and then (surprise!), introduce them to the class. The couple sitting behind us were quite nice – they’d just moved from New York City 2 months ago so he could do a fellowship at Vandy. They are due just a couple weeks ahead of us, around Thanksgiving.

I think we may have connected a little better than any of the other couples, because we found that at breaks we’d chit-chat a good bit, getting to know more about one another. At the conclusion of today’s class, I offered them our email addresses and told them we’d love to hang out with them if they wanted some company outside of his co-workers. They seemed genuinely excited by the idea, and even more so when we offered to be their “support” people in town since all of their family was so far away.

It was a really fun surprise to be rolled into the class and I hope that we’ll see them again. Being New Yorkers, they are both hockey fans, so they were pleased to hear the “cheap” prices of Preds tickets. They both love sushi and that drove us into a very deep discussion of local choices!

As far our little one goes, we’ve gotten our pre-registration paperwork into the hospital, so that should make things move a little smoother once we go into (active) labor. Ms. Olivia was very unpleasant toward her mother during class today – digging deep into one side of her little room / Susan’s uterus.

We’ve found that she likes to poke my head instead of my hand. (I’ve been listening for her heartbeat unsuccessfully. I don’t think anyone else gets this privilege.)

Moving to other people’s babies – Mark & Laurie are still looking for signs of labor starting, but apparently to no avail. We got to eat dinner with them after our first class.  They cooked a lovely meal on the grill and we all sat outside under the stars. It’s become quite nice, if not even a little chillier up here, so that was a pleasant change of pace.

We also got to see Ben and Dru for a little while, at which point we were all reminded that all three couples’ first anniversary are contained in the month of August! They have their’s at the beginning, Susan and I are next (next weekend!) and then the very next week is Mark & Laurie. For their anniversary, they are hoping for a health baby boy to be at home with them.

Alright – I’m at 700 words now… I think that is enough for one (late) night.


6 responses to “Hockey! And babies! (not combined!)

  • Steph

    Glad you liked the class. We took the weekend one too, thought that was better than dragging it out for 6 weeks!

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Did you just write that your first anniversary will be this August? Boy are you in trouble!!! Love

  • Ian

    Is it September already?

    I don’t know that I’ll be in trouble… we’re both a little out of it.

  • Sheila_Craigge

    …contained in August, per you. I was kidding about you being in trouble. Susan is part me; it takes a lot to ruffle her feathers. She is also part Ed, who tends to brew a lot and be silent. He will say that I spew a lot. We’re a good pair. Like a used coffee pot! Love

  • Ian

    I realized what you were pointing out… I just wrote what I thought month it was. I should have said “this month” and then I wouldn’t have been specific enough to make the mistake!

  • Randy

    That’s awesome about the win. I knew playing that pee-wee team would be just the ego boost your team needed. HA!

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