Doctor’s appointment

We had a quick appointment this morning, fortuitously timed to be right after our weekend child birthing course.

The appointment was to have Susan’s gestational diabetes test. She chugged the flat nehi orange soda sugar water quite quickly. Then we saw the doctor, asking our string of questions, which, for review, are:

  • When do we call you?
    • Contractions are 5 minutes apart for greater than 1 hour
    • Water breaking
    • The baby is moving a lot less than normal
  • How do we call you?
    • The main office number has an answering service!
  • C-sections?
    • Only in an emergency (which includes a breech baby)
  • Forceps or Vacuum
    • Only if we really need to and it’d be the vacuum.
  • Low blood pressure versus the epidural (The epidural tends to lower it and she is already low!)
    • Let the anesthesiologist know when you arrive – they’ll work it out.
  • When will we see you in the process?
    • She’ll likely let us push without her for a number of hours. Once the nurse says we’re likely within an hour, she’ll be there. (As I like to say – she shows up to catch!)
  • Pediatrician recommendations
    • We have a list to review
  • Which way is the baby sitting right now?
    • Can’t say…
  • Any more ultrasounds?
    • Not unless something goes wrong

So then she broke out the surprising news – we’re going to 2 week visits now! The next OB visit will be with a different doctor in the practice, which will make the third of the four in the office. This way we won’t end up with a stranger catching the baby.

As for the diabetes test, we won’t know the results for a while. Plus, while they were checking that, they are also taking a look at her iron levels, etc.

Susie and I discussed the idea of “rooming in” and we’ve generally decided that we’d like our Olive to stay with us in the room.

Oh – just for everyone’s information: the labor/delivery/recovery room will allow 5 people, but we likely won’t really take guests here. Susan will have 2 hours of recovery post-delivery and Olivia will be gone for a fair amount of this time, hanging out in the nursery.

After the recovery, we’ll move to a room that is a little small, but technically has no limits on the number of, or the time of, guests. The main waiting room is quite comfortable and the nursery is close. From seeing Jay & Steph’s little boy, it seems that they almost always park them in front of a window of their own for the world to see.

Parking for Baptist visitors is the 20th and 21st street garages… you can’t (technically) park in the garage closest to the OB floor. The walk isn’t bad from the garage and its pretty easy to navigate the hospital.


8 responses to “Doctor’s appointment

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Olivia will be here so very soon! Your next appointment will be in October and that means only eight or nine weeks until delivery! How very exciting! I guess in November it will be every week! Wow!!!
    Love, grandmother!!!

  • Ian

    I’d just to clarify a few statements:
    “Susie and I discussed the idea of “rooming in” and we’ve generally decided that we’d like our Olive to stay with us in the room.”

    The word “generally” in this context means:

    1. Not absolute. If we’re exhausted – she’s hanging with the other kids.

    “After the recovery, we’ll move to a room that is a little small, but technically has no limits on the number of, or the time of, guests.”

    Just because there are no limits on how many people or what time they come – I’ll be playing the “bad cop” role if we get overwhelmed. I apologize in advance.

  • Amy

    Whoa whoa whoa. We aren’t getting map handouts of the garage and hospital and a stategy guide? How will we know where the flags are?! Ohh.. or are you working on that? Who’s assigned to what position? I think we’ll have enough medics on our team for sure… the grandfathers can be engineers (even though I do enjoy the shotgun)… Uncle Munkee can snipe… maybe you and I can be on assault? I want to be on the winning team this time!!!!1

  • Lesha Patterson

    Sounds like I need to come visit with the camera soon.. before Susie gets “too” pregnant, she won’t be as willing of a subject then I suspect! Lemme know if you want a documentary of the whole ordeal of birthin’ that baby.. it can be done tastefully in B&W. = )

  • Ian

    Amy – while your post is really, REALLY funny for those of us that understand it, there is a little bit of truth in it! I certainly considered creating a map of where the hospital is, and where the garage is in relation to the OB area. However – don’t worry… you’ll be on the winning team.

    Lesha – I’m very intrigued by your offer. I’ll discuss it further with my lovely wife. As for the belly shots, give her another week or two so she is looking painfully pregnant. 🙂 Unless, of course, you’d like to make a couple of trips up over the next few weeks, which you’re welcome to do.

  • Susan

    I know I want pictures of my birthing (no graphic closeups) and I know I’m going to need my hubby as a birthing partner more than a photographer. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make that work because if Ian isn’t taking the pics I would want someone who is a professional doing them. However, I don’t want a stranger all up in my business either. That might work provided you can be there.

  • Elynka

    When Kaelan was born we had already decided that he wasn’t going to the nursery. Chris didn’t think it wise to send him since there wouldn’t be nurses at home to just take him off our hands when we got tired. Since I had a C-section I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. (The second time it was only 3 days.) On the night of day 3 after 3 days of absolutely no sleep (I could see the black circles under my eyes in the window reflection of my room.) I couldn’t take it. I sent him out to try to get some sleep. I fell asleep only to have him brought back to me an hour and a half later to eat. So, that was that. We didn’t send Mackenzie out at all. The second time around it is a snap!

  • Amy

    Hahaha! I KNEW it! I fully expect maps of the city, garage and hospital, including notes about all exits in case of an emergency. I also expect a schedule of everyone’s visiting times and durations, seating charts for the waiting room including standing arrangements. Now that I think about it, a program about Susan’s history, pregnancy, introduction of the cast (doctors and nurses) and sponsers would be handy to read while we wait. (You know.. like the beginning of an opera?) We will need Plan A, Plan B, and if you have the extra time Plan C, just in case Olivia deviates from the plan. She does know how her daddy feels about that sort of thing, right? GO TEAM!!1

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