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Its been quiet around here…

Susan is feeling better these last couple of days – apparently the iron supplements are kicking in and bringing her back in line.

We’ve done some cleaning around the house and finally went grocery shopping.  We’re on a kick to try and eat at home a little more again.  Hopefully it will help us save a few bucks and teach us to stay home more.   We’re also trying to take our lunches to work, saving money there, too.  I’ll probably be worse at that than Susan because I’ve gotten into the habit of going with a group of people at work.

Oh!  The first C-League hockey game of the season was last Sunday against my co-worker Jay’s (of Hansen Herald fame) team.  It was a fantastic way to start the season, playing against a team that is fun to play against, that we know pretty well, and that we beat! 🙂  We started the game with a pair of goals early in the first, but they came back to tie pretty quickly.  The rest of the game continued like that until finally, late in the third, we had a 3 goal lead.  By the end of the game, they had closed the gap by one, but the final score was 8 – 6.

If it hadn’t been nearly midnight on a Sunday night (we went on at 10:10pm), I think the two teams would have gone out for a post-game celebration.  Its nice being on good terms with other teams…

We’ve got our birthing classes coming up this weekend, so that should be interesting.  We’ve heard pretty good stuff about them, so we’re fairly excited.  On Monday we’ll go to the doctor for Susan’s glucose test, but no ultrasound.  And no – we don’t know when they’ll do another ultrasound.

Tonight we’re going to a concert – Damian Rice – at the Ryman.  I know Susan has been looking forward to this for a while, so I’m glad she’s feeling better now.

That’s about it.  Next weekend is calm – our wedding anniversary is that Sunday.  The weekend after we’ll celebrate her “grandfather’s” birthday, and then, the first weekend of October – baby showers!


3 responses to “(Title here)

  • Elynka

    You know, I still haven’t seen a good belly shot yet! What if I can’t make it to the shower? I need a good belly picture so that I know that you all aren’t just making up this whole being pregnant thing. LOL

  • Sandy

    I’ve seen the belly – well, not the actual belly but the belly bulge. It’s getting some size to it but I have no doubts that it’s going to get a LOT bigger in the next 3 months!
    Now as to movement, I’ve been told there is some. And, unless my eyes fool me (or Susan somehow does) I’ve caught glimpses of bits of movement. However, Olivia seems to be the shy type. As soon as I put my hand there to feel her, she gets very still. I’ll bet Susan is hoping that’s a trait that sticks with her – especially on some of those fussier nights! Anyway, I keep telling her I’m one of her grandmothers but so far, no dice! Yeah, let’s see how friendly you get at Christmas in a few years!!

  • Susan

    The hand trick does seem to work when she’s being rowdy at night. Every time Ian goes to feel, she stops instantly. She does, however, never miss an opportunity to kick his head when he tries to listen for the heartbeat.

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