Crazy search criteria

Okay, okay – today I’m finally weirded out, but not by the pregnancy – by the internet!

The blog software keeps up with what search criteria brought someone to our blog, and usually it is simple stuff like “13 week ultrasound” or “kirk family” or something normal like that.

Today, though?  “Sue undies off”  And yesterday? “Dirty Hospital Examination Room Photos”

Now the second one might be “dirty” as in unclean, so I let that one go.  The first one?  Yeah – nobody is going to find that here, so please go someplace else.

I have found a new blog to read (I don’t think you’ll like it Sheila, but I could be wrong) and she has a lot more crazy/creepy search terms, so I don’t feel quite as bad.

The amusing part about this post?  It will actually increase the likelihood of someone arriving here because of their odd proclivities.

Ok – back to normality.


8 responses to “Crazy search criteria

  • hansen03

    You’ll have to show me how to get that feature on wordpress…I don’t see it

  • Sheila craigge

    O.K. I’m lost. Did I put something into the comments that lead weirdos to the post? Will I know about the new search engine? I’m over 50, so I know nothing about what you just wrote! And how did anyone come up with those captions? Love

  • Ian

    I don’t imagine it was just a comment from you that would have made the search term work. It was probably an amalgamation of all our posts and comments that eventually made a “match” – like someplace I wrote “Sue” and someplace else Susan wrote “undies”, then finally, the word “off” is probably written a few dozen times! All of those separate words came together in a computer at some search engine and made for an odd match.

    Now as for the person who was actually searching for “Sue undies off” I can explain that.

    I have no idea what you’re asking when you say “Will I know about the new search engine” – maybe you’re confused by my statement about you not liking something? That was in reference to the blog that I linked to in the 5th paragraph. That the “Mommy has tattoos” blog, a blog that I just recently discovered and found interesting, but I wasn’t sure that you’d find it as interesting as I did, so I thought I’d warn you.

    Does this help?

  • Ed Craigge

    Back to what? There just isn’t any such thing as “normal.” There is functional and non-functional. Back to functional.

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Yes, now I know. By the way, if you look up Susan Kirk, you will find a doctor, nurse practitioner, and author with that name. If you look up Ian Kirk you find a rather weird computer/data manager from England. If you look up Laird you find only Kirk Laird, but all the name are famous and published! Haven’t put in for Olivia yet. Love

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Oh great, I just found Olivia Kirk and she loves a personal Bible devotion site! Our Olivia will love to read about Jesus as well! Love

  • Auntie Amy

    So I guess that means I can’t write anything like “CRAZED PSYCHO KITTIES” or “HOT SPOON LOVINGS!!!1” in any of my replies, huh? Might draw weird unwanted attention…


  • mommy has tattoos

    haha! i just saw this. if only i posted my search results everyday.. they are getting crazier if you can imagine.

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