The weekend in review and some personal insights.

Ian has just gone off for his first hockey game of his new season.  He’s pretty tired, but he loves to play so that gives him the incentive to get out there.  The last few days have been rough on him all around, what with having to worry about his wife and Olivia’s well-being.  The baby and I are fine, if a little on the rundown side.

We went to Chattanooga so we could attend Amy and Garrett’s engagement party.  I’m so, so happy for them and it was a great party.  There was plenty of good food, good cheer, and well-wishes for the happy couple.  Nobody deserves it more.  I did end up sleeping through the last half of the evening.  I really wanted to be awake for the whole thing, but there wasn’t enough steam left in me.  I’m just happy everyone had a wonderful time and that Amy and Garrett got to celebrate in high style.  Hopefully, with all the technologically minded people in attendance there will be plenty of pictures so I can see what I missed out on (I did not miss out on the food.  Nor the dessert).

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m so excited to be having Olivia and I just can’t wait to meet her.  My heart goes nuts when I think that I’m finally going to get to see and hold her in about three months.  All the stuff I’m going through, the swollen legs and arms, the painfully stretched abdomen, the neverending fatigue, the sleepless nights, the tired days, the trips to the hospital and the accompanying terror… all of it is worth it for this little human Ian and I have fashioned from ourselves.

That doesn’t make the experience easier, though.  It doesn’t mean the intense nausea at 3 AM is enjoyable.  It doesn’t make my head clearer at work after a long sleepless night.  It doesn’t shrink the grocery store so I can actually run errands before running out of steam.  It doesn’t give me energy to enjoy shopping for my little girl like I really want to.  It doesn’t make my legs or back stop aching by midday.  It doesn’t make the chair I sleep in at night because of indigestion any more comfortable nor does it keep me from missing sleeping next to Ian.  It doesn’t balance my hormonal mood swings, stop my crying jags,  or keep me from snapping at my husband and loved ones when I’m particularly frazzled.  It doesn’t prevent the headaches or heartburn.  It doesn’t do any of those things.  The truth is nothing can.

But I get to have a daughter with the man I love.  I get Olivia and she’s worth all of it and more.


12 responses to “The weekend in review and some personal insights.

  • Ed Craigge

    Most of the things in life worth having have a cost. The more they’re worth, the more the cost. One of the amazing things about pain and discomfort is that you can remember it after it’s over, but the memory doesn’t include what it really felt like. It’s a wonderful healing and recovery process.

  • Sheila Craigge

    See, that’s why I married him! After 36 years with him, he still makes me proud. We both love you and know you love your family. I really hate that this is a weird pregnancy for you. Maybe Olivia will inherit the “I like to go,” from my side and you can shop and explore to your heart’s content! I KNOW that she will smile all the time and be happy, because you and Matt are! I speak that blessing over our little Olivia in the name of Jesus our Lord. I love you Susan and Jesus will take care of you and Olivia. Love

  • Susan

    That is right on track. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world because I know the end result will be amazing. It’s like the waterfall at the end of a grueling hike, only magnified by a million or so.

  • Uncle Munkee

    Or like honeymustard waterfalls at the end of a grueling 30 minutes waiting for it all to cook.

    Oh, and I’m not doctor or anything, but $20 says that if you stayed a little more hydrated, you’d start feeling a little better. At least it may help curb the number of hospital visits for being dehydrated. And don’t pee, poop, or sweat. That’s where you lose most of your water.

  • Susan

    That’s great advice… Trouble is, I’m drinking 24/7 and my body just can’t keep up. It’s bad when you’re peeing clear one day and then tea colored the next with no apparent reason.

    Mmm, honey mustard waterfalls.

  • Uncle Munkee

    Maybe the difference in coloring is the different bio-clocks you and Olivia are running on? Maybe she processes the hamburger and fries on a bit of a tape delay, so that’s really her tea-colored pee and not yours. It’s a sound theory. I’m going to go with that.

    For the dehydration, maybe we should rig up a party hat with a couple bottles of water for you. The one catch being that you have to empty both bottles in a certain timespan or you’ll get zapped. And just to make sure you don’t cheat, you’d have a certain timespan to refill the bottles before you got zapped again. And it’s attached to your head with a locking mechanism and only one person has the key. That way you can’t remove it, either. And it gets its energy from the heat from your head, so it never runs out of power.

    Genius strikes again. Even I didn’t know I was capable of such profound medical discoveries or pioneering breakthrough inventions.

  • Auntie Amy

    Sorry. He’s been sick lately, you know…

  • Uncle Munkee

    Who woulda thought that snot replacing my brains would be such a boon for society?

  • Uncle Munkee

    On second thought, I shouldn’t have said that…

  • Susan

    I’d far rather it be my tea colored pee than hers. If one of us is to have kidney problems, it better not be my baby!

    Have you had a chance to get yourself checked on? Copious snot just isn’t any fun.

  • Elynka

    Only 90 days to go!! I promise it will fly by. Personally, for about 2 weeks after having both of my children I missed being pregnant…even after all the pain and suffering.

    She’ll be here in no time!

  • Uncle Munkee

    The snot is subsiding and I started feeling much better yesterday. Still a little sniffly, but feel pretty good otherwise.

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