Okay… so we had a busy couple of days, today and yesterday.  And no, we didn’t share this with anyone until about mid-morning today, just to keep things reasonably calm.

Around 9a yesterday morning, Susan was transported, via ambulance, from work to the hospital ER.  She was complaining of shortness of breath, a racing heart and dizziness.  I got a call from one of her co-workers that she was headed to the hospital, so I immediately left work to meet her.

The very first thing they did in the ER was to use a doppler to listen to Olivia’s heartbeat and it was just fine.  In fact she spent a fair amount of time in the ER dancing to her heart’s content.  While we were in the ER, they gave her 1000mL of fluid via IV.  We were in the ER until about 3:30p, when they released her, stating she’d been dehydrated and that Olivia might have pinched one of Susan’s main veins just enough to bother her.

She was told to have a follow up appointment with her OB, so we contacted them as soon as we left the hospital to begin making arrangements.  That was scheduled for 10:30a today.

Around 9ish this morning, the triage nurse called and expressed some concern with the diagnosis.  Instead of coming straight in to the office, she sent Susan back to the hospital for a few more tests.  There she got a pair of chest x-rays while Olivia hid under a couple of lead blankets, and she got her pulse-oxygen checked.  Both of these tests showed up just fine.

We went from the hospital to the OB’s office where the doctor checked her for a few more random problems, all coming up clear.  She told us that the blood work from yesterday had revealed Susan had a slight anemia, scoring a 30 (I don’t know the units) when the desired level is 35.  As such, she’ll be taking a little more iron than she already is.

We stopped back by Susan’s office after seeing the doctor, just to calm down her co-workers that had spent most of yesterday morning fretting over Susan’s condition.  She has a great group of people to work with, as evidenced by all the concern they’ve expressed.

I can’t say that I’m too sorry about not calling – we didn’t want to get anyone worked up about something that we couldn’t pinpoint.  We were quite concerned about people driving up here only to have nothing to do, hear or say.  If we had learned there was a major problem with Susan or Olivia in the process of sitting for hours in the ER, we would have made phone calls.  Instead, we chose to sit together in semi-sleep, semi-silence and wait for things to reveal themselves.


4 responses to “Doctors!

  • Elynka

    I am glad to hear that everything is okay. I hope you don’t have any more scares. It is just a horrible feeling.

  • Sheila Craigge

    Sometimes things take care of themselves and sometimes it’s great to have some prayer warriors on the alert. Love

  • aliasmother

    Glad everything is okay now. Sit down, relax, and have a nice, quiet weekend.

  • Ed Craigge

    You’ve been thru the dehydration(with ER IVs) and anemia before. I’m not positive, but I think a good bit more water and more food with soluable iron might help prevent recurrances. You should know a couple of pretty good nurses that you could ask.(Yes, this is sarcasm, but is short of out-and-out cynicism. Love yah..Da

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