Mouse (revised)

First – I didn’t “shriek like [a] pansy” – it was more along the lines of a groan mixed with some not so pleasant language directed at the mouse. My beautiful wife, carrier of my tiny daughter, did, however, perform the television standard of standing on a chair. 🙂

Also, for anyone’s reference, the D-Con No View, No Touch mouse traps are quite worth the money. These little devices work exactly as advertised. After we set the pair of them (one in the drawer, one under the cooktop) and the mouse took the bait, we didn’t have to see or touch the mouse at all. Plus it was apparently an instant kill, because there was no noise, movement, etc.

We’ve left the other trap set in the drawer because Susan is confident there is a second, but so far, no capture plus the cat has withdrawn from her vigil. Let’s hope this doesn’t come back around for a long time.


One response to “Mouse (revised)

  • Sheila Craigge

    All newlyweds have funny mouse stories. Ed had me believing that all mice will run up guys pants legs. At least that’s what he said when he ended up on the chair and I held the broom! Love

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