A mouse in the house.

Apparently, while we were visiting Mickey in Florida, he sent one of his cousins to our place. To be perfectly specific, to our oven. That’s right kiddies, a small grey mouse took up residence in the storage drawer on the bottom of our oven where we keep our cookie sheets and whatnot. Eek and bleh and a good dose of the icks as well.

How did we find out about our furry little friend? Mooch told us, of course. Who knew that such an odd little cat would turn out to be such a tenacious mouser? All last night the cat set up vigil in the kitchen, alternately staring/pawing at a corner near the stove. Ian and I simply assumed she was being her normal off-kilter kitty self. At around 9Pm, we heard a small crash coming from said kitchen. I thought Mooch might have ventured up onto the counter and knocked something over. However, when I went in she was still on the floor with every whisker quivering and quite wild eyed.

At that time I attempted to bodily carry her into another room. She simply ran right back into the kitchen and resumed her watch. By now, Ian was intrigued and we both started tentatively searching the kitchen to see what had caught her interest. Nothing obvious popped up. Ian started opening the cabinets so Mooch could see nothing was in there. He opened the door to the stove as well. Nothing. I asked him to show her the inside of the storage drawer as well. When he did that, he noticed to our mutual horror that there were little mouse leavings all over the pans in there.

He pulled a bunch of them out and set them on the stove top to assess the full extent of the damage. When he went to put them away, he happened to peer into one of the stove eyes… and a mouse was staring back at him. After we both shrieked like pansies, he went off to the store. I kept watch over the mouse to make sure it stayed in the stove. He came back with 2 traps and 5 minutes later we had 1 dead mouse.

Needless to say, there will be much scouring in the Kirk kitchen tonight. <shivers>

One response to “A mouse in the house.

  • Sheila Craigge

    Funny! Too bad Moochie didn’t get the mouse. What fun she would have had. Of course we know that a cat always leaves the tail! Love

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