Lazy, lazy

We haven’t posted much (again) because there isn’t much going on.  We’ve done basically nothing all weekend, which, unfortunately also excludes going to the grocery store, like we so desperately need to do.

I have attempted to do some work around the house… but failed.  The window shades won’t get mounted until I get a shim of wood.  The new tub spout won’t go one, despite my brother-in-law’s help a few weeks ago, because the new one is longer than the one we worked with last time.

I did, however, fix the outlet near where we plan on putting the crib, which is a very good thing.  During this process Susan and I identified the majority of the circuits in the house, so that is somewhat constructive.

We’re at a point where we really want to do something to the house, but we’re not too sure what exactly that would be.  I think getting our baby furniture in the house will help this feeling, because we’re sort of in a holding pattern for that to fall into place.

I have, however, spent a significant amount of time this weekend watching and feeling our little Olive squirm around.  It’s been pretty wild to identify where she is and what she is doing!  We’re both getting quite excited about her arrival.


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