Back to our regularly scheduled pregnancy, already in progress.

Even though I baked like a puff pastry, I had a good vacation.  I enjoyed all the family (and soon to be family!) company.  The food was excellent as usual. The smiles, plentiful.  The rides, magical.  What can I say?  Love me some Disney.  The only negatives were the excessive heat and a little reaction called vasodilation.  Can anybody guess what that leads to?

That’s right.  My legs looked like peach-toned salamis.  It was bad.  The good side was that for perhaps the first time ever, I didn’t get a sunburn.  Oh, and my hair looked cute.  Mostly.

As for Olivia, she hates plane rides.  She dropped down as low as she could in my beleaguered uterus on both trips.  I went swimming for the first time in the pregnancy (very odd sensation).  Olive was stunned by the feeling of double flotation.  I really got the impression that she was a little shocked by the experience as the poking became much more explorative at the time.  Did I mention how exceptional our meals were?  She, too, loved the food and proceeded to show her adoration by kicking as quick as her little legs were able whenever I ate something she was particularly impressed by.

Alas, it is over and I’m back home and back at work.  The heat wave is pretty much broken here, but we still need rain very badly.  Big kudos to Mark and Laurie for watching the Mooch and the house!


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