An old friend.

Lesha is staying with us.  She came up later on Friday and then stayed the night.  For those of you who don’t know, Lesha has been my friend since the third grade.  In spite of us rarely getting to see each other, she remains one of the people dearest to my heart.  We went to the Rosepepper Cantina (yup, again!) and stayed up chatting about what’s going on in our lives.  It is wonderful to me how well she and Ian get along… like some brother and sister act.

She’s staying with us some, if not most, of this Saturday.  We’re going to take her around a little bit of Nashville and show her some of the charm away from the bustle (well, maybe a little of the bustle).  Yay!  Then she’s going to pack up and head for Atlanta to spend some time with another friend of hers.  I is a happy, happy girl.

We are gearing up for Disney.  I could barely contain myself at work.  It was good that we were really rather busy (Fridays always are) as it left me little time to clock-watch.  My coworker, poor Kathryn, had to put up with a very excited, ecstatic pregnant woman.  With swollen feet.  They decided to balloon up yesterday like it was nobody’s business.  They are much improved now.  Which is good as I intend to waddle all over Disney World!!  I think Ian is bringing his laptop, so we may be able to post some from the park.  If so, I’ll try to keep you updated on the “Happiest Place on Earth” from a pregger’s perspective.

Also, muchos gracias to Mark and Laurie.  They are going to step in and check on our little Mooch while we’re out living it up.  Laurie, if you will recall, is much, MUCH further in her pregnancy than I and her last day at work was this past Friday.  Good for her!  Now she has only a couple of weeks until their dear little boy is a part of the world.  Life is so good.

4 responses to “An old friend.

  • Uncle Munkee


    /me is just a little excited. 😀

  • April

    I just want to tell you both to have lots of fun (I know you will)!! When you do the “Mickey’s Philharmagic” think of us. It’s our favorite! Also, if you can get reservations at the California Grill, you should try to eat there. It’s on top of the Contemporary. It was really good (they have sushi!) and it’s a great place to watch the fireworks at about 10:00PM if you were to have a late reservation. It is expensive but you can use the dining plan. Can’t wait to see your pictures. We’ll be thinking about you!

  • Ian

    The Philharmagic ride is actually the very first ride we went on during our honeymoon trip! 🙂

  • Laurie

    Mooch is doing fine and says “Meow!!!!”

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