Words, words, words…

We got to see some friends from Chattanooga this week, since they stayed with us following a concert that went late into the night.  That was very nice.  I’m sure they were excited about seeing Susan, as well, since they hadn’t see her belly in a month or so.

We’ve been getting used to our fridge, but not too much – we’ve been hesitant to go grocery shopping due to the upcoming vacation time.  I’m not sure either of us have moved much of anything in or out of it.  We have, however, shown a  great interest in the in-door dispenser.

I had my last hockey class of the summer last night – that was sort of bittersweet, as I’m not sure I’ll take any of the classes during the fall and winter in order to save some time and money.

I’m certainly excited about the trip to Disney… I’ve even gotten to the point to counting hours until we leave! 🙂  I have a feeling that this day at work is going to be a little on the long side…

I suppose that’s about it.  Susie is doing well, going to work regularly and still enjoying it, even on the busy days.  She often lumbers around like a good pregnant woman should, and she has plenty of difficulty rising from the bed or chairs.


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