A small check-up.

We did have a doctor’s appt this morning.  It had to be the quickest office visit we’ve had since I became pregnant.  They weighed me (no, I’m not telling), took my vitals, and measured my belly.  No u/s this time.  That also marks the first visit we’ve had where there was no imaging done.  It was pretty nice, though I know our families will be sorely missing the snapshots.  There won’t be an u/s next visit either.  There will be a glucose tolerance test.  I can tell you how much I’m looking forward to that…

…but Mom would make me wash my mouth out afterwards.


3 responses to “A small check-up.

  • Elynka

    The glucose test isn’t a big deal at all. What flavor drink did you get?

  • Susan

    They said it would be “orange”. And I quote, “it tastes like flat Orange Nehi” is what the lady at the front desk compared it to.

  • Elynka

    I had orange with Kaelan and some sort of fruit punch with Mackenzie. They both tasted like flat soda. The taste isn’t so bad. For me it was just hard to drink it in the allotted time.

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