Hooray for productivity!

So today was a great day for getting things done around the house. Or, well, that is to say, today I got a lot of things done… there are plenty of days that are good for that, but I don’t commonly answer the call. 🙂

I’m sort of cheating a bit… the light fixture I actually installed last weekend, and just didn’t mention it. We’ve had it around the house for a weeks before that even, I’ve just not been motivated enough to install it. Its quite nice to have something react to the light switch that you instinctualy reach for, but I will admit that it casts a very bright and artificial light across the room.

Next on the list of accomplishments for the day, I unpacked all of the china from my grandmother and put it in the cabinet. It isn’t the prettiest way to display it, but it is a functional way! I’ve managed to get every bit of it inside the cabinet so I didn’t have to come up with any new storage options. I think it would be nice to have a place to hang the wine glasses at some point, but we’re doing okay without that so far.

After the china cabinet, I dove into finally fixing my closet. Its been months since my last attempt came crashing down. Its even been weeks since I got all the hardware to make my next attempt, yet it came down to today to get it done… and I did! I think this new method, as suggested by my lovely mother, will stand the test of (at least a little more than last time) time. The hang bar is mounted with 6 bolts and each of the four rails is mounted into a stud, so I hope all of this will hold up better than the four weenie bars that were there before. I have great hopes of having a closet for more than a week or two. 🙂

Then, being on such a productive kick, I moved into Olive’s room and hung up her Pooh curtains that Susan’s mom had given us several months ago. (Are you seeing a trend on the time line?) This, of course, was a pretty quick and easy project, so I also took the time to prepare all of the gifts Olive has received lately. I snipped the tags off all the blankets, clothes, and stuffed animals. We ran our first load of little clothes today, too! Boy… those little clothes make a little load of laundry.

I was mentioning to Susan that it’ll be nice when we have the crib in the room so we have a better feel for what it will look like as a whole. I think we’ll probably have that in place some time in the next month, possible not until October, though. We’ll also be picking up a bassinet and a soothing swing from our friends Ken & Val while we’re in Orlando, so that’s a few other things to add to the room. We’re certainly getting excited about our little Olivia coming.

After all our productivity, we then headed out to dinner with Mark & Laurie. That was a lovely dinner at the Family Wash, and then dessert at the Pied Piper Creamery. They’ve also very kindly agreed to keep an eye on Moochie, the flowers, and the house while we’re away in Disney World. We also swapped stories of false alarms and the difficulties of not having people local…


5 responses to “Hooray for productivity!

  • Sheila Craigge

    Busy day with very good results. The china is so nice. Now with the china and china cabinet from favorite grandmothers, you and Susan will always have them close to your hearts at all you future gatherings. I know that Susan’s grandparents are smiling down from heaven at your happy home. As for the nursery, what a difference a light and curtains make! Susan is very eager to dress her little Olivia. She says it hard to walk through all the cute little dresses at all the stores and not buy everything in sight. What fun she will have in the months to come. I can see her reading to Olivia in your grandmother’s chair. I look forward to that as well. The baby furniture will look great in the nursery. Ed and I went to Children’s Fair and gave it the look see. It really does looks pretty in the store. Right now yours is in boxes, but they assured us it will go together with great ease. I always hate to hear those words. Of course, Ed was not the one speaking, so I’m sure it will be fine!!! Hopefully it will arrive after the Florida trip. Just have to watch out for rain. Bet we’ll get some in September! Glad your closet is up and hanging. Feels good to be organized I bet. Have a good night. Love

  • Ed Craigge

    I’ve noticed that most projects work best if you let them incubate for a while. The “list” doesn’t get shorter, you just take things off the top and new ones show up somewhere below to keep it at about the same length. After vacation, we’ll haul some boxes up, do some assembly, and leave the empty boxes. If you’ve still got tree debris, we’ll haul a load back to Chattanooga. If we need too, we’ll haul a big chainsaw to Nashville along with the boxes of furnature.

  • Ian

    I suppose that the never-ending list is just one of those “joys of home ownership” and I’ll get used to it eventually. I might should actually create a physical list, though, because I can’t keep up with what needs to be done.

    The chainsaw would be a very good idea, because we’ve decided to take you guys up on the offer of free haul-away instead of the $200 – $250 it will take to have someone move it. That really big piece of debris is something you and I aren’t going to move in one piece.

    Sheila – we woke up this morning and I commented that the nursery looks completely different without 100% of the sunlight pouring in – it looks great.

    As for the china, I was already running through holidays in my mind to figure out when we might actually get to use it. With Olivia landing in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have no idea what will happen this year. 🙂

    And those boxes – I’m not worried in the least. My mom has bought so much put-together furniture that my family are pros at that stuff. Plus, they make nearly all cribs in pieces these days, so I’d hope they’ve learned to make it customer friendly!

  • Sandy

    Don’t know what wattage you have on the light bulb in the new fixture but you might want to try a smaller one. I think you might even be happy with 40W. In that small room it might be enough – I know it will compared to what you had!

  • Uncle Munkee

    Take a look at some of the compact fluorescent bulbs. They come in so many different that you could surely find one that doesn’t seem as artificial.

    As for the to-do list, check out activeCollab (http://activecollab.com/). It’s a project management system that I just started using last week for myself. It’s meant for more corporate-type project management, but it’s working for me. If you want it set up, just let me know. I’ll set up a copy on the ChattaLAN server for you.

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