Boy we’re lazy/boring

I just noticed that our post rate has dropped off to 2 or 3 times a week at this point.  But then I thought about our lives over the past couple of weeks and realize that there hasn’t been an awful lot to share.

Last night I had hockey class and Susan had dinner with her family.  When I got home, I ate her leftovers and watered the flowers in the front yard.  I spoke to the people that are going to deliver our fridge yesterday and we’re scheduled for sometime on Tuesday.  I also got an estimate on removing the tree debris from our yard. ($600!)

Wednesday… I spoke to the alarm company about having someone check out the motion sensor causing the false alarms.  Someone is supposed to call by Friday evening to schedule an appointment.

The other parts of the week… well… they don’t stand out.  We’ve spent a fair amount of time talking over our trip to Disney World that will start in 9 days.  We’ve given ourselves a general idea of where we want to go and when during the trip.  We’re quite excited about the trip and I’ve been counting the days down here at work.

Speaking of the trip, I’ve ordered a couple of interesting books to help make Susan’s trip a little more exciting since she won’t be able to ride the thrill rides.  The first one,  PassPorter’s Treasure Hunt, is from the same company that makes our favorite guidebook.  The other one is a book of Hidden Mickey’s – the parks are full of Mickey Mouse icons, and I think we can make a great contest out of seeking them out.  Susan and I already know about the (likely) oldest and most difficult Hidden Mickey in the park.

5 paragraphs and two about Disney – what’s on my mind?

Oh yeah – big news – I saw Olive kicking Susan the other night!  Its not too dramatic, like Alias Mother’s daughter stretching out, but it was still pretty cool!  I’ve been trying to talk with Olivia as often as possible so she can make sure to recognize my voice as soon as she arrives.  We’ve even discussed playing other people’s voices to her if we were to get recordings…


One response to “Boy we’re lazy/boring

  • Richell Craigge

    Hey maybe when I see you in Florida I can finally feel Olivia kicking. I was looking at some of your Nona’s pictures the other night and I saw a picture of you when you were a baby and your dad was holding you and I thought…maybe this is what little Olivia will look like. I held the picture out so I could show it to you. I know you are just so happy to have her and we are too. Love you. Talk to you soon.

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