Dinner, etc

We finally went after the fired green tomatoes tonight – much to Susan’s pleasure.  You read that right – Susan ate tomatoes!

We pulled two good sized green tomatoes off the vine and breaded them somewhat poorly.  Next time we’ll try to have some corn meal in the house in order to coat them better.  Even with the poor coating, they fried nicely and tasted great.

We’ve managed to cook at home tonight and last night, making us feel better about ourselves.  The menu is somewhat amusing, too.  Both meals had canned goods from my grandmother’s pantry – fried apples tonight and black eyed peas last night.

Outside of making dinner for ourselves, we got out of the house for a while today.  The majority of our time as spent at Lowe’s.  We got window shades and curtain rods for Olivia’s room.  We got a new sprinkler and a watering timer so we can stop having to thinking about the watering each night, plus it’ll take care of itself while we’re away at Disney.  I picked up some lumber to stick under the fridge when we move it to the basement and I grabbed some brush clippers so that I can clean up the bushes between our house and the neighbors.

I took a look at the garage epoxy stuff because I’d really like to coat the basement floor.  I am a little concerned about the process, though.  The instructions have you clean and etch the floor with acid.  During that process you’re supposed to wet it with a hose… my concern isn’t the acid, but the water!  We’re talking about the basement that is below ground – how am I supposed to get the water out properly?  I really, really want the coating, though, because it’ll be so much nicer than the bare concrete.

We dropped by the mall for a bit to eat lunch – I had a Petro’s (it’s been a long time!) and Susie had Sbarro’s.  Then we headed over to the Motherhood store so she could get a few more clothes.  We’ve been a little hesitant to buy much, but she really needs a variety of items to keep us from having to do laundry all the time!

That was about it… I got the watering stuff set up and we made dinner.  That’s about it.

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