New hair cut

Susie got her hair cut today and is extremely happy with it.


7 responses to “New hair cut

  • Sheila Craigge

    Wow!!! I do like it. Not how I thought it would look. I was imaging something much shorter. This is great and I like the way it curves around your cheek. Love

    P.S. Nice top!!!

  • Sheila Craigge

    I looked at all photos and wondered if the mob was near with all the guns and pretty tomatoes!!! Love

  • Ed Craigge

    Looking good…and the fact that I’m very prejudiced has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  • Susan

    Thanks everybody. I wasn’t able to commit to going very short just yet. I figured this was short enough to keep me more comfortable in the heat and also see if my hair wasn’t going to wig out without the length or weight to hold it in place. A very pleasant surprise indeed.

  • Laurie

    Cute hair!!! Cute top too!

  • Richell Craigge

    Hey Susan I was looking at your new hair cut and just wanted to say how much I love it. You look so cute. You look very fashionable.
    Love Richell

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