Sorry I’ve been quiet the last few days. I’ve been pretty tired. It was a good idea to switch around my jobs because if I’m this pooped taking in referrals at the office all day, I would implode from actually having to go out and admit them. Olivia is always moving. Always. Even if it’s just squirming around to a different position, it’s there. And she’s only getting more noticeable as she gets bigger. It’s pretty distracting, sometimes pretty painful. I imagine that, too, will increase.

Let me tell you, pregnancy is nothing like what I imagined. Ok, so I never in my wildest dreams imagined what it would be like, but if I had… well it would be nothing like this. Not that I’m not thrilled over the eventual outcome, but I can’t wait til my body is my own again. Not to mention my memory. Or my appetite.


3 responses to “Whee.

  • Elynka

    At the end of my pregnancy I had horrible pregnancy brain. Somehow I made at 250.00 principal payment on my house. This only helps us out and everything, but we’re a one income household! We don’t just have 250.00 lying around! I am glad to have my brain back. Don’t worry though. It seems like it will never be over, and then when the baby is coming you’ll wonder where the heck did the time go?

  • Uncle Munkee

    That just sounds terrible. I never want to be pregnant!

  • Sandy

    Interesting…..I found it rather lonely to be the only person in my body after having shared it for so many months. But it was nice to see just who it was I had been sharing with! After morning sickness was over, I enjoyed every minute of my pregnancies…..being fat and having an excuse – having milkshakes EVERY night – in general, eating anything and everything I wanted! (the baby’s hiccups – Ian mostly – now THAT’s annoying!!!)
    In the overall scheme of things this wonderful miracle takes such a short period of time, I hope you are able to enjoy the amazingness of it while you can.

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