My baby :)

I finally felt our Olive kicking and punching last night for more than one little twitch. We’d just laid down to go to sleep when Susan grabbed my hand. She placed it on her belly, but shortly thereafter stated that Olive had stopped wiggling. We figured there was some indication to her that I was someone different.

I decided I’d try to talk her into some more movement. I spoke to her for a couple of minutes and she finally began to kick a bit. They aren’t amazingly huge bits of movement and I could easily mistake them for Susan tightening her stomach muscles, however, I took her word for it that the feelings were her tiny body parts.

It was pretty cool to feel her finally. I can’t wait until she’s bigger and much more obvious. I know that our families and friends are excited to feel her as well. 🙂

4 responses to “My baby :)

  • aliasmother

    My husband has recently discovered that he can now hear the heartbeat by putting his ear to my abdomen. Last night the baby punched him in the ear.

    That’s totally my kid in there.

  • Susan

    It’s so funny. These feel like monumental movements to me, yet they’re still flutters for everyone else. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be for me when she’s moving so hard that she is easily felt by others. Probably like a battering ram in my uterus.

  • Laurie

    Just wait until you can see the movements!

  • Sheila Craigge

    Can’t wait!!! Love

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