(To our friends & family in Chattanooga) Sorry!

So we both went to my hockey game tonight, me, of course, to play and Susan to finally watch one after a break of about 6 weeks.

The game was good, a little chippy from time to time, but a nice game for the most part.  We played a very defensive game, keeping the opposing team to one goal for the entirety of the game.  That one goal came on a power play that looked like it could have garnered us a short handed goal.  It was that desire for the shortie that cost us the one goal against.

The offensive side of our game, though, couldn’t quite find the gap in the goalie’s armor.  We found that he covered the bottom part of the net quite well, so we decided we’d (those of us who can, that is) shoot high.  Yeah, well, that didn’t work either – he apparently knows the top corners just the same as the bottom ones.  We never did score, despite a number of man and two-man advantages.

As for the apology part, it seems that about 20 or 30 minutes after the puck dropped, our house alarm went off.  Now this is the second time that it has gone off in the past 3 days, so when we found out, it didn’t bother us much, especially when they told us it was the same sensor both times.

However… our friends and family that are on the “call list” weren’t aware of anything; not the hockey game, not the previous alarm.  When the alarm company called them, telling them that we were unreachable, panic set in.  Figuring the worst, they began to worry about locating us.

It seems my sister was an enterprising one, though, and got her boyfriend to hack the website he has provided my hockey team.  There they found the numbers for the hockey team, and proceeded to call every one of them they could remember meeting.  Of course, all but one of those people were on the ice with me. 😦

About an hour and half after the first alarm, Susan was finally reached.  It seems that the rink wasn’t answering their phone, and Susan couldn’t hear her own ringing until after the game had finished.  At that point we could begin damage control – contacting the alarm company to cancel the active alarm, then calls to each of our friends and family to apologize for the fright.

We’ve already re-evaluated the set up of the call list – we’ll probably go ahead and let our families be contacted, but we’ll provide them with the phone numbers of people near our house.  That way, someone can come make sure we haven’t been injured or worse.  That’s not to say, of course, that the one person on the hockey team they could get ahold of wasn’t going to come check on us – Pappy was prepared to drive from West Nashville!

So, again, we sincerely apologize for all the fright we caused everyone.  As I said – we’ll find you all someone nearby that you can call for help, instead of feeling helpless two hours away.  We love you all and hope you’ll forgive us.

Oh – and we’ll have an alarm tech at the house as soon as we can to have this resolved permanently.


3 responses to “(To our friends & family in Chattanooga) Sorry!

  • Sheila Craigge

    I’m just glad that Susan was with you and not at the house. Alarms are funny. Charles and Jewell’s(our next door neighbors) alarm went off so much when they first got it, that the neighbors all around them just figured they were having problems at their end and not a true emergency. So we all tend to ignore it most of the time. Only when it goes off at 2a.m. do we really notice. That hasn’t been often. Of course the day the fire truck arrived was kind of scary. The had just put in a new smoke alarm which turned out to be defective. Anyway I’m glad everything is happy and that I now know the security password-just in case!!! Love you bunches and sorry you couldn’t find the hole in the goalie!!!

  • Ed Craigge

    It’s easy to tell the difference between friends and buddies. Friends are the ones who care what you think, feel, want, do, and who you do it with. Its really nice that you both have some of those. I suspect that they feel the same.

  • Uncle Munkee

    I didn’t “hack” the website. I was the one who originally set up the hockey forum and still have my admin login that sees all–including the private contact list. But, Auntie Ames deserves credit for the idea.

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