Let me say, wow.  A warning – I do nothing but wax poetic about food for the next few paragraphs.

Ian took me out to Margot, an East Nashville hotspot.  It deserves all its good press from the white linen table cloths to the exceptionally attentive waitstaff.  And the food, oh my, the food.  The menu changes every day as Margot likes to use whatever is freshest.  We did have their one staple, which was an appetizer of paper-thin cut homemade potato chips served with aioli.

Ian had pork cutlets over roasted potatoes, peaches, and sweet tangy onions.  It seems an odd combo the peaches and onions, but they balanced each other perfectly.  I had a prime rib that was so tender, it looked at the knife and fell apart.  It was over a bed of roasted potatoes, peppers, and onions.  Our entrees were served with a choice of artisan breads, of which we had the homemade focaccio.  It was tremendous.

For dessert, I had a cherry brown butter tart with fresh whipped cream.  Ian chose freshly made cantaloupe sorbet with a wafer nut cookie to add texture.  It was so good I almost cried.  It was so good I definitely ate more than I should and was useless for the rest of the evening.

Wow.  Just wow.


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