Let the posting start once more!

We have air conditioning! Glorious, glorious air conditioning. It feels wonderful in the house. I slept on our bed last night, complete with box spring and correct room. Fabulous.

Ian and I were down in Chatty for a short visit with our folks to celebrate our birthdays. Saturday was spent with my family. Sunday with his. It was quite lovely except for the weather, which was rainy-muggy. Oh well, it’s summer so I can’t complain too much.

We go for Olivia’s 21st week check up today. They should be taking landmark ultrasounds. That is to say, they’ll be looking for proportional measurements to make sure she’s baking up right. She is just as active as ever though it’s still pretty difficult to feel it from the outside unless you’re lucky (sorry Richell). That should change here in the next couple of weeks. Then everyone else can feel just how strong this little girl is.


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