Sleeping on the floor…

… is rough.  My right arm and shoulder are aching and stiff.  I miss my AC even if it wasn’t really up to snuff.  Bob said he thinks our new unit should be in place and operational today.  I can’t wait.  Sleeping on our mattress and box spring is suddenly a luxury I can’t seem to do without.

In other news, Olivia can now be felt from the outside.  Ian got his first faint kick last night, but we had just subjected her to some womb mood-music and she was pretty quiet.  I think it may have shocked her a bit.  That’s the first time she’s been completely still for any length of time (including the Harry Potter movie) since I first started feeling her.  Maybe she just doesn’t like Hendrix.


4 responses to “Sleeping on the floor…

  • Sheila_Craigge

    I just looked at the disgusting pics of the duct work. Well you either had a very big dust bunny living under the stairs, or you needed a new system very badly. I pick the last. Hope your new system is up and running. Love

  • Ian

    Amusingly enough, it would seem that I posted a new entry at the very same minute you posted this comment. The new system isn’t up and running just yet…

  • Sheila_Craigge

    I know. I noticed that last night. I always think that you are tricking me with new pics when that happens, because I will be reading and all of the sudden a pic will appear. I guess we choose the same time to read/post. Oh, and by the way, that was so sweet about you writing about you waking Susan and moving the mattress into the nursery with the air conditioner. It says a lot about your marriage. Love

  • Ed_Craigge

    We have a working airconditioner. If yours is still down when you come down this weekend, we can box up some cold air for you guys to take back with you to Nashville. People make things too complicated; there’s a very simple solution to almost everything. I have a very good engineering mind and I know these things.

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