That’s what its all about, right?

I got home last night after my hockey game (0 penalties on either side, but the score was 8 to 0.  I was on the 0 side.)  and found the house really, really quiet.  Sure, Susan was in bed asleep, but something wasn’t quite right.

The air conditioner.  It wasn’t running.

Sure, the guys had been here yesterday, but the work they were doing had nothing to do with whether the existing unit would run for the next few days.  They were just busy with laying out new ducting that will go into use on Wednesday.  Its not until then that the compressor should be turned off.

I poked and prodded at the thermostat, but nothing changed, so I headed upstairs.  There, of course, it was a fair bit warmer.  I could see that Susan was quite uncomfortable with the temperature and knew straight away it was only going to get worse.  I woke her from her slumber and moved the mattress into the nursery, where the portable air conditioner is.

We spent last night with the mattress on the floor (yeah – its not much further down considering the height of our bed)  right next to the noisy, but cold air producing air conditioner.  It worked out well.

Now I kind of wonder if our 15 year old compressor just gave up, meaning that we couldn’t have scheduled the upgrade any better. 🙂


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