Revel in the geekiness…

We watched the Harry Potter movie at the Imax…with the battle sequences in 3-D… awesome.  I read the final book this weekend, too.  More awesome.  I have a girl crush on J. K. Rowling right now.  She’s awesome.  I need sleep because in spite of reading so many wonderfully strung together words, I can only seem to use the word awesome.

Olive has gone past kicking and punching.  I think it is slam-dancing or some such thing.  She was, however, very still while we watched the movie.  I don’t know if she sensed how much I loved it or if the superhuge sound system cowed her into momentary submission.  Either way, it was the first period longer than 2 hours that she has been still since she made her presence known.


2 responses to “Revel in the geekiness…

  • Ed Craigge

    I’m sure the movie and the book were just great(haven’t seen any of the movies or read any of the books). Something just seems basically wrong, though, with the name “Harry Potter.” Somehow it brings visions to my mind of a chipmunk being potty trained. It’s one of those genetic things; I inherited my somewhat warped sense of humor from my oldest daughter, or maybe it was my youngest daughter. Not a whole lot of difference there. Love you…Dad

  • Susan

    I hate to say it, but every so often when I think of the name Harry Potter I get a mental image of a gardener with bad grooming habits.

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