Nothing much here…

It looks like both Susan and I failed to write a blog post yesterday, but that is likely because there wasn’t much going on yesterday.  We both went to work and we both had good days.  She is being her natural self, learning quickly and impressing all those around her.  It doesn’t seem to be wearing her out too much, which is nice.

We scheduled the air conditioning guy to come out next week, so by the end of next week, we’ll have a nicely cooled house.  It’ll be so nice not to run the a/c all day long only to push the temperature down to 78.  I dread seeing our power bill for the past month, but there just hasn’t been any choice.

My team won their hockey game last night in what was one of our most fun games of the summer season.  We played the team with my co-workers on it, and they are mostly a team of very new players.  Spirits were high and friendly on both benches, so that made for a great night.  It was especially better than our game on Friday, wherein an awful lot of penalties were called for some very rough play.  We’ve now got 3 wins and 1 overtime loss out of 9 games.


4 responses to “Nothing much here…

  • Sheila Craigge

    Oh my, I didn’t know it was that fierce! Did you go to the penalty box? Surely you don’t throw arms and beat people with your stick!!! Oh well, be careful. You need to be really healthy so you can change all those diapers! Truly take care. Love

  • Auntie Amy

    You should have seen it! First the guy tripped him, so Ian headbutt him! It barely fazed Ian – he didn’t even remember doing it! It is really brutal out there. But it must of shook the guy up pretty bad – Ian could barely skate on top of him. I tell you what – that ice had best not mess with Ian anymore after that beating. I’m sure other teams are glad they’ve stayed on his good side. If the ice knows what good for it, it’ll just lay there nice and smooth from now on instead of tripping up players like Ian!

  • Uncle Munkee

    Lemme know once you get that AC fixed and it’s working. Then I think I’ll be able to come back and visit. No more sleepless nights and headache-filled days in Nashville!

  • Sandy

    I hope the next game we come to watch is like your Monday night game. Fun and friendly makes for a lot more fun – especially in such a small seating area! Get that AC up and running and we can give it another try!

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