Friends & Family

When we bought the house, the previous owner told us that the house was great for having people over. We quickly tested his advice by hosting Thanksgiving dinner only 3 weeks after closing on the house!

We’re well past Thanksgiving at this point, and since then we’ve hosted a couple of parties and plenty of visits from our friends and family. This weekend had my sister, her boyfriend, Susan’s brother, his wife and my mother. It was a nice full house, and we spent the majority of it inside. That’s not exactly something to brag about – we were so lazy we never left! – but it was nice to have everyone around. I think it was a positive for our guests, too… a nice, calm weekend away from home.

We did our best to keep everyone well fed – we ended up eating at home for 5 of 6 meals. Matt & Richell made it out to visit he and Susan’s grandfather, and there were several trips to the grocery store through the weekend. All-in-all it was a delightful time from our perspective. Except, I suppose, for our poor air conditioner not quite being up to the task of keeping the house cool. Hopefully we’ll have that sorted out in the very near future.

In addition to the treat of having our friends and family around, we were showered with my birthday gifts and a handful of items for our little Olive. Garrett gave me an awesome digital photography book, mom got Olive a book “reading” teddy bear, plus Matt & Richell got her several cute little outfits. There was even an awesome Snoopy Sno-Cone maker mixed in.

Most amusing, though, was the set of “user manuals” Amy & Garrett got us. It was a three piece set:

These books are full of fantastic tidbits like “By six month, the baby will realize she has a pre-programmed ability to speech in your language,” or “if the baby has an unpleasant odor or begins crying for no apparent reason, his diaper may need to be reinstalled.” The starter kit includes a growth chart in addition to the owner’s manual itself.

On Saturday morning, Amazon delivered our Baby Bargains book, so I’ve done some reading in that as well. This book seems to cover all the bases as far as all the stuff we’ve got to buy for the baby. They’ve got reviews of cribs, mattresses, bedding, high chairs, etc, etc, etc.

So everyone headed home this morning, leaving us to the quiet of our house.  We’ll spend the rest of the day resting up and preparing for the week to come.  Susan will work a full week, her first in months and we expect it to drain her a good bit.  I’ve got two hockey games this week in combination with a skating class.  The game tomorrow is against 3 friends from work, so it’ll be an interesting situation. 🙂

I suppose I should figure out what we’re going to do about dinner now… I’ll try to post a few photos later this evening.


One response to “Friends & Family

  • Sheila Craigge

    Glad you had a good visit. Friends and family are very important!
    I’m also very happy that I’m not the only one with Olivia fever.

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