Short and sweet.

Friday at work went really well.  It was good to see all the people I have missed for the last few months.  It was an adjustment to not be doing what I was doing and not just for me.  There was a moment when I was asked to do an admission while I was training and I hated to say no… but if I did it then it would keep happening and I just can’t.  I can’t risk Olivia like that.  Other than that, it was smooth.  I have to say, it’s weird having a desk.  I’ve always been in jobs on my feet, on the move.  I was thankful to have a seat though, by the end of the day.  Not only do I need to transition into the new job, I have to get used to doing it while incubating a baby.  An extremely active baby.

We have company up and we’re about to eat nachos.  Yum!  More later, probably tomorrow.


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