Progress in the garden

As my mother-in-law quickly noticed, we’ve harvested an eggplant from our vegetable garden. This is our first bit of produce coming out of the garden, and we thought it to be a pretty decent specimen. This plant also has another eggplant growing, so apparently its quite the achiever!

To stay true to our southern heritage, we had this beautiful veggie sliced and sizzling in hot oil within about an hour of it coming off the vine. It was amazing how many different recipes I found for eggplants – and so many of them were fried. If we had a few more eggplants or if I had picked out a plant that grew heavier eggplants, we could have even picked out a main course recipe. As it stands, we simply fried these and ate them with a little black pepper and Parmesan cheese. We both loved it.

I haven’t taken any pictures of the garden lately, but it isn’t nearly as attractive as it had been a few weeks ago. The tomato plants have grow to over 6 feet, but I haven’t offered them adequate support, so they are slumping. They are, however, producing tomatoes – there are 6 that I’ve noticed so far. That’s 2 on each of 3 vines… a 4th vine, which is no longer anywhere nearly upright, hasn’t produced anything yet. Big surprise.

Along with the semi productive tomato vines, there are at least two, possibly four, cucumbers actively growing right now. That particular plant is very aggressive and I should have offered it more space. I worry about its broad leaves over shadowing the eggplant plant and I have to redirect its runners every few days to keep it from using nearby plants as supports.

The pepper plants have been disappointing so far… they’ve produced nothing. Its possible, of course, that they take slightly longer than the others to mature, so I won’t complain much yet. And even if they don’t pop anything out, its been a nice experience. I was concerned about the placement of the garden, but it seems that it isn’t so bad after all.

Thank you Sheila for prodding me to tell everyone about the veggies. 🙂


4 responses to “Progress in the garden

  • sheila craigge

    Well I think that is pretty good for a first garden. Do you need to stake tomatoes and will Susan eat them?!? Maybe if you pick a green one and fry it she will try it. I’m a poet! Good job! Love

  • Ian

    The tomato vines are staked, but with wimpy little bamboo stakes, nothing sturdy enough. I bought metal cages, but it was too late in their growth to squeeze them in. I’ve considered purchasing some rebar to hold them up. 🙂

    I’m pretty confident that Susan will eat some fried green tomatoes. As for ripe red ones… she may have a bite or two from every other one off the vine. Of course that depends on how many come off the vine. I’m certainly hoping to have her develop an appetite for these things…

  • Laurie

    An alternative to frying the eggplant… slice them and salt them on both sides to draw out some of the water. Brush them with oil and throw those babies on the grill. Yummy. Works well with summer squashes as well.

    Sorry you missed your caging opportunity with the tomatoes. Good luck with the staking options.

  • Ed Craigge

    Veggies do grill really well, either alone or as kabobs. The eggplant grills really well, especially if you grill it along with Portabella mushrooms and cluster tommatos(can’t grill these very long at all as they get soft and fall through the grill).

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