Going home clothes

These are the two bits of clothing we bought the other night when we were out. I chose the green one and Susie picked out the Pooh one. We struggled a little with the overall decision because I pointed out that we’d be bringing little Olive into the world in December – it ought to be a little chilly around these parts in December. Is a sleeveless outfit really the best idea?

However, because it is currently not chilly outside, there weren’t a lot of warm weather choices at Target right now. Instead, our second option is to dress her in the Pooh gown. We opted for the gown instead of the onesie because we figured we’d be able to handle it even better – you just shove it over the kid’s head. Awesome.

I kept Susan from picking up anything else, as I reminded her that we’ll have our friends and family kindly offering us plenty of beautiful clothing bits in the near future. I would ask, and I think Susan is with me – can we avoid having everything be pink? Green is beautiful and blue isn’t just for boys any more. We promise – we’ll make sure people know she is a girl with nice ribbons or something, just keep the pink to a minimum… please!


5 responses to “Going home clothes

  • Elynka

    Good luck keeping pink to a minimum. I wanted it to be at a minimum, but it is really difficult to find girlie looking clothes that aren’t pink when they are that small. My fav color is purple, so I have quite a bit of purple added to her wardrobe. I picked up a peach outfit Saturday at Gymboree because they were having a sale, and I found several blue things at Babies R Us.

  • Elynka

    Oh, by the way, Mackenzie is wearing the same outfit that you have in the green right now….you guessed it, in pink. I haven’t seen the green one. It’s cute.

  • Jen

    Very cute!
    Something to keep in mind about the gown, You’ll need something that allows her legs to separate for riding in the carseat on the way home.
    No, I am in no way that clever to have thought of that myself. I had a gown in mind too but then the list of things to bring that the hospital gave us pointed that fact out!

  • Elynka

    She’s not wearing it anymore; my daughter is the queen of poop!

  • Ian

    Jen – thanks for the update. That makes our current decision a little easier. If we go forward with the green outfit, we’ll just carry a nice blanket to wrap her in between the hospital door and the car door.

    Lynka – congrats…?

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