My wife is funny

I just exchanged some text messages:

Her: “Oh god. Watching A Baby Story. I am not giving birth. Olive is just going to have to stay inside forever.”

Me: “That might be more painful in the long run sweetie.  She will continue to grow…”

Her: “Nothing could be more painful than what I’m witnessing.”


10 responses to “My wife is funny

  • Cathy Taylor

    Hello, Ian and Susan! I hope you don’t think this weird from someone you have just met, but I had to laugh when I read that. Do NOT, under any circumstances, watch any baby-birthing shows while pregnant. These serve to do two things only–(1) completely freak out pregnant women and their spouses, or (2) provide you with a completely false picture (i.e., a calm, painless, soothing, birth situation attainable only when every person in the room is on pain-reducing drugs). To the first situation, the normal reaction is “I am not giving birth–ever.” To the second, “That’s exactly how my situation will be–soft sounds, soft lighting, hand holding, tears only of happiness after a perfectly clean creature emerges from my body surrounding by completely calm, supportive people all dressed in white.” Neither the horrible situation nor the perfect situation will happen. The odds are just not with it. I remember watching a show like that when I was pregnant. It showed a woman’s water breaking that, I kid you not, shot out like a fire hose. I think I had a panic attack after seeing that. Save yourself. Don’t watch those shows!

  • sheila craigge

    O.K. nice picture of eggplant or squash? Love

  • sheila craigge

    Oh yeah, that is a picture of one big eggplant! Did Susan eat that? Love

  • sheila craigge

    Did I miss that or did you sneak that in later? Of course at my age, I could of mistaken it for a uterus pic! Love

  • sheila craigge

    O.K. I meant- could have mistaken. It’s late. Love

  • Ian

    I guess I’ll make a post about the eggplant so you don’t have to make potentially confusing comments on a different post… not that there is a problem with that, but historically, the eggplant picture won’t be visible. I was, however, planning to write a post about the garden anyway, so you’ve just pressed me forward in doing that. 🙂

  • sheila craigge

    You know some day someone reading this post may think I was confused and really can’t tell that Olive is a baby and not garden produce. Love

  • Ian

    That’s very funny Sheila. Or, it might be said that you can’t tell the difference between a watermelon (on the outfit) and an eggplant.

    Oh boy… Olivia is going to enjoy this one day. Its been suggested (by Angela, my skating instructor) that we print this, bind it, and give it to her at age 18. Nice, huh?

  • sheila craigge

    Yes, you really should give a bound copy to Olivia. I’m not sure at what age though. As well as both of you write, I’d say sometime around her second birthday. Love

  • MSN Display Pictures

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