Hot dogs and ice cream.

Ian and I went out for lunch today, hitting some of the local restaurants that are on the new side. The first stop was something called “I Dream of Weinie”. It’s this converted VW old-school bus on the lawn where a house used to be. It doesn’t sound charming as I type that, but trust me, it was really cute. There was a big shade tree in the front yard and they give you picnic blankets to spread out and have your meal on. It was doing a pretty spiffy business. They were good hot dogs on french style bread buns, so no wonder they were busy even in the relative heat. It was pretty neat sitting there on the lawn, enjoying the food and the buzz of the other patrons talking about their lives.

After that, we hit one of the old houses that had been converted to a business. Inside was an antique store, a little boutique with ladies’ and kid’s clothes, and an ice cream parlor. The parlor was our draw. It’s called “The Pied Piper’s” and it was heavenly. They make all their own flavors and switch ’em out as the day goes on. They have some that are permanent fixtures, including Trailer Trash (a mix of vanilla, fudge swirl, and a whole slew of candy bars). They have other flavors that are the whim of the cook, including the kind I had a cone from – Some Like it Hot. It’s a mixture of chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper exactly like Mexican hot cocoa (which I adore, by the way). It starts out tasting just of the chocolate and cinnamon, but after each bite there’s enough heat from the cayenne to wake up your tongue. So tasty!!

Now we’re getting ready to head to an impromptu party over at J.T. and Trisha’s house (friends and Ian’s fellow hockey players). I’ve got a nap under my belt and am ready to face the world.

2 responses to “Hot dogs and ice cream.

  • sheila craigge

    I’m glad you are getting out and having fun! Yeah! Love

  • Laurie

    Okay, I don’t know how we missed you but that’s exactly what Mark and I did on Saturday. Except for the party. I love the picnic blankets at “I Dream of Weenie”.

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