A recounting of yesterday.

I feel guilty when I don’t post, so here you go…

I went shopping – for undies.  As most of you know I’ve been unable to wear pants with a zipper or buttons since early in the pregnancy due to that darn cyst.  The cyst is gone, but now a baby is in it’s place.  I’m much happier that way.   However, my ever expanding waistline has been previously acommodated by my normal skivvies.   This is no longer the case with most of them.  Any of them with a real, elastic waistband.

Here’s the kicker, have any of you looked at maternity underwear?  Ugly.  Huge and ugly, for the most part.  I thought the granny-panties were the worst… that is, until I found the maternity thongs.  What genius came up with those?  Thongs in general are rather unpleasant.  Maternity thongs are an abomination.  Pregnancy is awkward and uncomfortable enough without purposely putting on underwear that is a guaranteed wedgie.

Now I know that eventually I’m going to end up in these (not the thongs, never the thongs), but I’m going to fight that day with every ounce of my being.  If it was just me I’d win, but I think Olivia’s going to be problematic with that.  Until that time, I’m happy to say that there are undies without the elastic that fit nicely in a large.  I am a happy, happy girl.


5 responses to “A recounting of yesterday.

  • Leah

    I never bought maternity undies with either of my babes. Just get bikini style ones a size or two bigger than normal and it works great.

  • sheila craigge

    But will they stay up? Love Mom

  • Steph Hansen

    Try Old Navy, they have some that my friend recommended and I liked them too.

  • Elynka

    I am in agreement with Leah. I never bought them either. I just got the low rise panties or bikini style as well, and it worked out just fine.

    When I was pregnant with Kaelan I bought some bikini style ones in a rather large size. I held them up when I bought them, and Chris and I giggled about the size. Then I put them on, they fit me perfectly and I cried for about an hour. Oh, pregnancy. LOL.

  • Laurie

    I haven’t ventured into maternity panties and hopefully I won’t have to. It can be done! Bras on the other hand… sigh.

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