Our Olive’s latest photos

Here are a few of the latest ultrasound photos and you can go look at the set to see all 8 that we collected on this, our 17 week visit.

We don’t seem to have the photo identifying her as a female, so you’ll have to take our word for it. We do, however, have that view on the video tape, so if we ever sort out how to move from VHS to the internet, we’ll share. If anybody has any suggestions on that little conversion, we’ll take them.

Olivia was quite active, twisting and wiggling the whole time. I think we were pretty lucky that the initial view between her legs was so quick, because the tech had a tough time getting her into position most of the rest of the visit. Susan couldn’t identify any of the movements on the screen with movements inside herself, though.

Hope you all enjoy…


One response to “Our Olive’s latest photos

  • Jen

    I know there are places you can take/mail a VHS tape and they’ll convert it to just about any format you like. I took a bunch of home movies from college and had them converted to DVD for about $10 each. Since yours is probably fairly short it might even be less.

    Congratulations on your little girl! Olivia is a cute name. 🙂

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