More details about the visit

Now that we’re out of the doctor’s office, I can attempt to relay some of the information we received.

First and foremost, the tech is quite confident in the fact that we’re having a girl.  She was doing the trans-vaginal ultrasound to check the size of the cervix and as she rotated the wand, we were suddenly looking at a perfect between the legs view.  She pointed out the tell-tale 3 white lines and declared the gender.

In the external ultrasound, we got confirmation that the cyst has shrunk to less than 1cm, which means the doctors wouldn’t even call it a cyst any longer.  This means that Susan is now officially clear to return to work.

Through the body measurements, we found out that Olive (yep – Olive) is about 7oz and is measuring just as she should.  No mutant children for us – sorry Alias, that’s your thing.  The measurements of the bones indicated she was at the average size of a 7 week and 1 day old baby – 1 day older than we expect.

We got to see her bladder, kidneys, eye sockets, arms, legs, spine, and even her tiny four chambered heart.  The heart, which we heard for the first time today, was beating at a rate of 154bpm.

Susie cried a fair amount once the tech announced we were having a girl.  I suppose something had to come out of her after all the nervous energy she’d built up.  We’ve scheduled our next visit for Olive’s 21st week – a day before Susan’s birthday – in order to do a full anatomical checkout.

We’ve got plenty of pictures and this time we’ve even got a VHS tape.  I’ll have the pictures up tonight and I’ll have to figure out what to do with this tape soon.


4 responses to “More details about the visit

  • Sheila

    Olive is a fine name just as long as you leave off the oil. I’m guessing that the tape shows actual movement of Olive and not something private of Susan’s!!! Again thank you so much for sharing all of this news with us. I’m also thinking she’s at 17 weeks and 1 day. How exciting it was to hear her heartbeat!!! I remember our first time to hear our children’s heartbeats. Matt was with us when we saw Susan’s ultrasound. None of us could really tell what we were looking at!!! I have her picture somewhere safe I’m sure. Now I will have to open the chest an retrieve some very small and precious pink pretties that I’ve been saving for 28 years. Love Sheila

  • Steph Hansen

    I love the name Olive! Is that her nickname or full name?

  • Ian


    Her full name is Olivia Sophia.


    Oh my how very exciting!!!!!!!!!!! However I for one, knew it would be a little girl butterfly and her name is beautiful to match her! How exciting you guys are, I have not stopped spinning since you two met!!!!!!!! It is always something you all are doing exciting, but I think Olive tops all of it!
    God bless your family, and may God take care of you forever as he promised and he will! What a wonderful birthday gift for her dad!
    And God has taken great care of mom (Susan) and the cyst we all did hate! All my love and prayers to your family, love, Shelia

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