Its a…


30 seconds into the u/s she got the perfect shot.


6 responses to “Its a…

  • Sheila

    Oh my goodness, I was not expecting to find out so soon!!! Happy birthday Ian and congratulations. Oh my goodness!!! They are sure??? Oh my goodness!!! God bless you and thank you for letting us share your joy. Is everything else ok??? Love Sheila

  • Laurie

    Woo hoo! Bring on the cute little dresses!

  • Sheila

    How big is the baby? Is the cyst gone? Is Susan ok? Maybe you think I’m a little crazy? So very honored to be privy to all this info> Love Sheila

  • aliasmother

    I come from a girl-heavy family and I can tell you this: girls totally rock. (Okay, not so much from ages 13-16, but before and after that…super fun.)

  • Elynka

    Congratulations Ian and Susan! So far I love having a girl…well except that the diaper changes are more difficult than a little boy.

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