Running low… and other such stuff

First I’ll start with the fact that this week / weekend has really drained my energy. I suppose depressing events will do that to you, but when combined with odd sleep patterns, it begins to wear on you. It also is a good reminder that I’m not as young as I once was. That is, I’m not complaining about being old, its just that 5+ years ago, waking at 5a to drive 2.5 hours wouldn’t have played out so long. I can recall plenty of trips between Atlanta and Chattanooga that I could handle without a blink of the eye.

I had hockey class tonight and that sapped me pretty well, too. I couldn’t quite nail down my left foot from my right, nor could I stay upright by the time our scrimmage came around.

Last night was fun – we went to Rosepepper (yes Lynka, again) and bribed Mark with food in order to get some help moving the recliner upstairs. The bribe wasn’t really necessary, but it also ended up being an early birthday dinner for him. I also learned that our other couple friends in East Nashville share the same birthday as well, so we may end up with another celebratory dinner on our schedule shortly.

The chair is in place and Susan gave it a test run last night as she chatted with Laurie. In the meantime, Mark and I gave the Xbox a workout, playing 9 holes of golf and a game of hockey. I think he was a tad interested in the television and the Xbox, as he would occasionally mutter something about needing one of these. 🙂

The picture on the right, here, is of my nephew Ben, my cousin Jonathan’s newest child. He’s six months old and we figured it’d be good for Susie to grab ahold of a baby since she’s not had much experience. I believe she told me that this brought her lifetime total up to seven. Pretty impressive, eh? She did a fantastic job, but apparently came close to hyperventilation as she worried about “breaking someone else’s baby.” Apparently Ben’s happiness with the situation manifested itself with him squirming a great deal.

Once Susan was done (less than 10 minutes), Shelia had her turn with him and she was quite pleased. In fact, I think her comfort with the baby made Susan a slight bit more nervous as she compared her own style of holding onto Ben with her mother’s. Needless to say, mom was a considerable bit more “loose” with the care. I think Susie was locked in the position pictured here. 🙂

Of course, with the baby came the reminder that she’ll not have as many problems once the child is her own. I think she was even reminding herself as she was clutching Ben that her baby will feel completely different.

Well, since I started this post with a complaint about being tired, I suppose I should head off to bed. I’m hoping that it’s cooler upstairs than I expect, but I’m fairly confident that it isn’t. I’ll be glad when we get our estimates in and can start making plans toward having an efficient and effective air conditioning unit.


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