Home and worn out.

We got to the house around 8 AM.  Poor Ian had to basically turn right around and head back out for work almost as soon as we walked in the door.  I don’t know how he’s going to manage today, so I’m going to try to do my best to have the house in order by the time he gets home.

It’s not messy, but there is all the unpacking to do.  Not to mention the various things we brought back that are mementos of Dot.  The biggest of those is still in the back of Ian’s car.  Dot had a matching set of rocker/recliners that are both lovely and comfortable.  Amy now has one and we brought the other home with us.  We’re going to use it in the nursery.  In Chatty, Ian had help loading it up.  In Nashville, there are less able bodies around.  I emailed one of my dear friends, Laurie, to see if her hubby, Mark, might be able to lend a hand.  Between him and Ian, it should be upstairs in no time as it is more awkward than heavy.

I’m feeling better this morning than I was yesterday.  My reserves are quite frankly, laughable.  I have never been so physically limited in my entire life and it is vastly annoying to me.  Mooch, however, is just fine with the situation as she has a lovely prop on which to lean her considerable form.

Many thanks and much love to everyone who was so good to us over the past few days.  I appreciate all the kindnesses, great and small, and I know Ian feels the same way.  It’s tough to lose a loved one, but its nice to know how many other people out there cared for her and us.  A special thank you to Matt and Richell for letting us stay with you guys.

One response to “Home and worn out.

  • Dad

    I was glad to see you both for a little while, even if it was under rather sad circumstances. Glad you’re feeling better. By the way, Ian writes rather well. Most men really don’t and men with a technical bent usually really, REALLY don’t. Have a great day.


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