Saying goodbye

Today we said our final goodbyes to my grandmother. It was a nice, simple “graveside” service at the National cemetery with a couple dozen friends and family in attendance. I put graveside in quotes, because we weren’t actually beside her grave – instead, we were in a nearby pavilion due to the restrictions of the cemetery.

My aunt did a fair amount of the speaking, with my dad, her little brother, standing by her side. My two cousins said their part, representing the (four) grandchildren, and the (nine) great-grandchildren. I can’t speak for my sister, but I was quite confident that I would not been able to string together enough words to make a meaningful tribute.

After the service, we returned to her condo and shared stories while we began to sort out all the physical things she’d left behind. Everyone had an opportunity to point out their favorite item, those things that would remind us for years to come. Everyone agreed that I could have a ceramic Christmas tree that she’d made a few dozen of – something that has been around every single Christmas of my entire life. Needless to say, this will be a beautiful reminder that will be a part of my growing family the rest of my life.

Susan started feeling a little under the weather this evening, so we’ve decided to stay the night here in Chattanooga rather than tempt fate during a two hour drive home. Instead, we’ll rise early (so long as I get off the computer and go to bed) and make the drive home then.

Susie and I would like to thank everyone for the thought, wishes, prayers and kind words. As I’d said, its fantastic to know we’ve got so many people that care so much about us.


One response to “Saying goodbye

  • Sheila

    Ian, I don’t know if you got to hear the story about another ceramic Christmas tree that your grandmother made, but rest assured that each and every Christmas some one who knew and loved your grandparents is also enjoying the work of your grandmother’s love. Susan or Shelia Leopper can tell you the story. We love you and well keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Ed was very touched by the release of the doves. Love Sheila

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