We were woken up Saturday morning by my cell phone ringing at 5:30 in the morning. My mom was calling to tell us that my grandmother had passed in her sleep earlier that morning. Within 30 minutes, the practical side kicked in and we were awake, packing for an extended trip.

Upon our arrival, we joined my parents and sister at the funeral home to handle the arrangements. We were lucky to be working with the same director that had taken care of my mother’s mother. Most of the details were squared away here within an hour.

At that point it was a matter of waiting. We have visitation today, Sunday, from 5p – 8p. In the mean time there are tons of things to do and absolutely nothing to do. Its very difficult to figure out what is supposed to be happening. Tomorrow, Monday, we’ll have another visitation from 11a – 1p, and then we’ll have a processional to the National Cemetery.

It’s still strange – we were planning to come down and visit her this weekend, so in the back of my head, I keep thinking that I’ll go visit her shortly. I was talking with a friend of mine (rather late) last night and I realized that I still sort of felt the same way about my grandfather (her husband) and my other grandmother… I’ve just been too lazy to go visit or they are just out of reach. As I was telling Susan’s brother last night, though, it isn’t a spiritual feeling, but a physical one… one where a part of my mind really thinks they haven’t left.

It’ll be a interesting couple of days coming up. I’ll miss playing a hockey game for the very first time since I started. I’ll be burying my last grandparent, for Susan or I, a week ahead of my birthday. However, I’ve come fully aware of the support system I have around me and I’m continually amazed at the kindness and love it provides.


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