Half and half.

I woke up this morning and was sick.  Not great, but I’m used to it by now.  The teeny, weenie problem with this particular morning – there was an air conditioning guy coming to look at our system at 9 AM.  I hoped and prayed he wasn’t a sympathetic vomiter as I heaved into the toilet.  Luckily, my stomach calmed down a few minutes before he showed up.

The air conditioner works reasonably well as it stands.  The downstairs is comfortable.  (Mom thinks its hot.  Mom would think the Antarctic is hot.  Sorry Mom.)  It gets a bit warm upstairs during the hours of 1-7 PM.  This is ok for right now.  Nobody has to be up during that part of the day.  However, this time next year there will be a little one in the nursery up there and then it will be a problem.  So we’re getting estimates to see what needs to be done and more importantly, how much it’s going to cost.  My guess is – not cheap.


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