A nicely productive day.

I had some actual energy today, so I celebrated by going to Steak-N-Shake for lunch.  I was deeply nostalgic for the many nights Richell and multiple friends of ours used to hang out there during high school and college.  I also ate like a little piggy.  My usual single with cheese, plain, plattered with fries and a cup of chili.  There wasn’t a scrap left.  The only thing missing was the cherry-flavored Surge I favored from days of old.  (Cutting down to a very bare minimum of caffeine intake for baby.)

My original plan was to eat with Ian, but he had a lunch meeting.  Maybe Friday.  After lunch, I headed over to my work and went to talk to HR.  I wanted to give them some notice that I should be able to come back in some capacity or another fairly soon.  They were thrilled and assured me that they would work with whatever I have to offer.  It’ll be nice feeling like I’m a productive member of society again.  I associate a lot of self worth with my work and I’ve missed that in the last month or so.

I had so much pep, I cooked a real dinner instead of the easy things I had been doing.  I made spaghetti and a tomato & cucumber salad for Ian.  I even roasted some of the tomatoes for the sauce.  It was delicious.   I am very, very tired now and will likely head off to bed early tonight as my hubby is at hockey class now.


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