Quiet life

We’ve not posted an awful lot lately in part, I suppose, to the fact that we’ve been living a pretty quiet life. Outside of painting the nursery, nothing much is going on with our baby related life. Susan had a physical indicator (a specific type of acne) that she may be carrying a boy a few days ago – I guess we failed to mention that…

As for our personal lives, like we said – we had some friends over with their awesome kids over on Saturday for a little grill out. Hockey is progressing at its normal pace – we’re currently 2 and 3, which is a pretty reasonable record for us. Our last game was pretty close, so our improvements continue and our morale is as high as always. Its nice to have a group that gets along so well!

We’ve been eating out a fair amount lately, due mostly to being lazy about cooking and buying groceries. We need to really get back into the habit of cooking, but I think we’ve both gotten a little tired of the small rotation of recipes we’ve been using. I need to suck it up and get in the kitchen, basically. 🙂

Eating out, though, has fed us some nice meals lately. Last night we went to Samurai, probably our favorite sushi shop in town. They have only sushi – nothing from the kitchen, per se. We we pleasantly reminded that spicy tuna rolls should actually be spicy.

On Sunday, I bowed to Susie’s choice and ate at Battr’d and Fried a second time. I wasn’t wildly impressed by their menu, so I wasn’t too excited about going a second time in such a short period. Its not a bad place – I enjoyed the food – but I think I kind of need to be in the right mood to eat greasy fried foods. Susan got some miso soup and a sushi roll – yeah, sushi two days in a row – and I had a salad topped with giant buffalo chicken fingers. It was reasonable…

Susan spent a fair amount of time yesterday researching air conditioners and seeking someone to give us an estimate. She’s placed a couple of phone calls and we’re just awaiting a call back now. We don’t expect this to be a very inexpensive process – I’m sort of thinking we will need to have a second unit installed to cool the second floor. At the same time, we knew this would be an expense in our near future when we purchased the house – the system is around 15 years old. We are both hoping, though, that the savings from the efficiency gains in the last 15 years will have a significant impact on our utility bills. We’ve agreed that we can make it through this year with the current system, but next year, with the baby, it will be a must.

My grandmother is doing pretty well from what I’ve heard and we’ll get to see her this weekend. My dad, however, was diagnosed with an arthritic disease in the past few days. It’s a blessing – we can now explain a lot of his pain as something other than his lack of exercise or his vices, but at the same time, its a tough thing to fight. On top of that – it’s hereditary! Ankylosing spondylitis.  At least I know what to look for in the future.

Okay… so maybe it hasn’t been all that quiet after all. 🙂


9 responses to “Quiet life

  • Steph Hansen

    Talk to Jay before you go further on the AC route.

  • Auntie Amy

    Whoa whoa whoa. Dad’s test came back negative for the gene. He has a pelvic xray soon though.
    Swimming is supposed to be a good exercise for him now. Maybe we need to get him some Hawaiian swimming shorts to make his Hawaiian shirts!

  • Ed

    You’re probably right on the HVAC system. We replaced the one here about 6 years ago. The one we replaced was the original unit with a straight compressor-expansion tank AC and resistance heat(put in when the house was built,about 30 years ago). I had a Carrier Puron super high-efficiency heat pump put in. I financed it thru TVA on a 5-year 0% interest loan and had the payment($75 a month) taken directly out of my pension check. The higher efficiency of the new system reduced our electric bill by a little over $85 a month averaged over an entire year. The best I can figure, I got paid about $10 a month to have the new system put in until the loan was paid off and have been making about $85 a month on the deal since the loan was paid off(and there are still 6 years left on the warranty. That’s some pretty easy money. Your results could be considerably less(this house is extremely well-insulated). There’s no doubt, though, that a much more efficient unit will offset quite a bit of the installation cost via lower power bills.

  • Ian

    Ed – Unfortunately, NES doesn’t subscribe to TVA’s loan program, so we’ll have to find another route to pay for these monsters. 🙂

    Amy – I heard just about the same time you posted your comment. That’s good news for all of us. He and I discussed him swimming and he seemed pretty open to the idea. Maybe a membership to the Sports Barn behind our old place or to the Y?

  • Sheila

    I’m so glad to hear about the good news for your father! I read the article about the disease and was a little concerned for both you and your dad. Perhaps it will be only age related arthritis and they will be able to prescribe meds and exercise. I’m glad he likes to wear all those colorful Hawaiian shirts- they will go well with swim trunks. Love Sheila

  • Sheila

    Ian, Life is so funny! I did not read all the post about the good news about your father. I wrote my response before I read the ending and the Hawaiian shorts! You should be pleased to know that we sometimes think a lot alike, or very concerned!!! Anyway I glad about your dad! Love Sheila

  • Sheila

    Oh shoot! I just scrolled down and saw the beautiful lilies! My star glazer lilies have only buds- no blooms. I hope mine look as good as yours. Mine are really tall; are yours? Perhaps I used a little too much fertilizer! Love Sheila

  • Auntie Amy

    Of course there is always Kathie’s house on the weekends. I’m not sure that Sports Barn has a pool? Not sure how open he is to public swimming either – I tend to be a little more private about swimming. (Minus Disney) We’ll see.

  • Susan

    He might be more inclined to swim if it’s so close he has no real reason not to. I know it was tough for me to want to take advantage of the pool at the Sportsplex simply because it’s across town. And now I’m scared of how I look in a swimsuit.

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