Paint in the nursery

I woke up this morning and was pretty motivated, so I headed straight into the nursery to put paint on the walls. I progressed quickly, getting one entire wall done, and after it dried (which was pretty fast in the heat!), I showed it off to Susan. She loved the way it looked, so I was cleared to continue. I thought briefly about stopping there and waiting for my mother to come help me finish in a few weeks, but I decided that if I had everything prepared, I should probably just finish it.

And finish it I did. I pulled the ladder up from the basement and I managed to paint absolutely every bit of the room, from top to bottom. I’m sure I was an amusing sight, balancing on the very top of the ladder, painting and doing a little dance. I, of course, did not invite anyone to see this maneuvering.

We fully expect some quizzical responses to our color choice, but it was, after all, our choice and we figured that we really liked this color, no matter the gender of the child. We’d already decided that a girl would not be in a pink room and left the possibility of a boy getting a blue room, but initially settled on green. It wasn’t until just going out to buy the paint, sitting in the parking lot of the hockey rink, that we narrowed our choices down to three color chips – a lime green (I vetoed it right away), a nice green and this blue. I explained to Susan that as long as the blue chip was in the mix, I’d pick it and she’d better remove it if she didn’t really want it, but she did want it.

Now that the paint is on the wall (and we both love it), I also noticed an amusing coincidence. A short back story first – Susan wants to decorate with Pooh and I want to decorate with Snoopy. We’re both pretty okay with the other’s choice and in fact we’ve decided to combine the two themes. However… the wall color nearly matches the blue Snoopy stuff! It was absolutely a twist of fate, as we had chosen the colors completely independent of our theming, but I think its sort of funny.

We also learned from our friend Mark and Laurie that when placing their order for a crib and glider, they found out it will take them nearly two months to get them! We’ve got plenty of time right now, but I’m sure time will pass quicker than we think, so we’re going to have to keep this little fact in mind.

About the only thing left to do in here, outside of baby furniture, is to fix the electrical outlet nearest where the crib will be and to put a light fixture on the wall where the (thanks for pointing it out Sandra (not my mother)) exposed wires are. The problem with the light fixture is that we can’t decide on one that we like… šŸ˜¦


4 responses to “Paint in the nursery

  • Sheila

    Does the paint match the curtains and the crib set? Love

  • Elynka

    I like the blue. Even if it turns out to be a girl, it is a nice shade. It could totally look girlie if need be. Hope you all are doing well.

  • Susan

    It matches with the blue in the Winnie the Pooh set you gave us perfectly. I checked this morning. šŸ˜€

  • Laurie

    Actually, they told us twelve weeks on the crib and rocker. Sorry… I love the blue and can’t wait to see the Pooh/Snoopy combo!

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