Two really good days.

Mom and Dad just left for home about an hour ago.  It was a brief visit, but really lovely.  We had Harvey with us for both lunch and dinner yesterday.  Lunch – The Fifth Quarter.  There was one in Chatty when I was growing up that I have many fond memories of meals there.  Dinner – Batter’d & Fried.  A relatively new dining spot in the 5 Points of East Nashville.  A northern seafood shanty.  Quite tasty.

Today, we went to Opry Mills and Mom bought me a cute maternity top that was on sale.  I very nearly passed out in the dressing room when my blood sugar suddenly bottomed out.  Mom really didn’t know how bad it was until I sat down in the food court to eat an emergency meal.  My arms were shaking so bad I could barely hold my drink.   I felt better quickly after a slice of pizza.

We went with Harvey to the Old Dinner Bell restaurant for lunch.  Harvey is a wiz at knowing all the local Mom and Pop joints.  Since I had lunch, I settled for a slice of chocolate meringue pie.  It made me miss Nana tremendously.  She would have loved being there with us.  (I also wish she and Momma Craigge could see this baby.)

Ian is home now.  I walked away from this post with every intention of returning to it after finishing whatever it was that interrupted me in the first place.  Pregnancy brain strikes again.


One response to “Two really good days.

  • Ed


    Thoroughly enjoyed the visit…don’t get to see and talk to you enough. It was great to be around Harvey for a while too. It’s nice to be able to make the trips up there over two days instead of a quick one day trip where most of it is on the road. Its comfortable at your house and its easy to just sit around and relax. Ian’s got a lot on his plate. He’s trying to do too much just because he knows he can. Sometimes you can do less and enjoy it more. He needs to learn too slow down(just a little bit)every once in a while, do a little less, and enjoy it more. This is the voice of experience speaking. I didn’t figure that one out until I was in my mid-forties; wished I’d figured it out sooner. For over 20 years I worked 65 and 70 hour weeks and then tried to fit everything else into the time that was let. Silly as it sound, one of the goals I set in college was to make a million dollars before I was forty. Susan, I did that and now it doesn’t seem important at all. Having enough money to pay the bills and still go and do some of the nice things(but not all) that you want to is important. Family and real friends are a lot more important and are what makes life enjoyable.


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