I slept pretty poorly last night, but I did manage to have another movie-like dream.  In it, I was visiting a very old and dearly missed friend, Karen.  Richell, Karen, and I were thick as thieves back in high school and the early part of college.  We drifted apart and I haven’t seen her now in years.  She married her high school sweetheart, Richard, and they have a young son.

In my dream, I went up the mountain where she used to live (still does, I believe).  There was her house, a little one-level nestled in the side of a hill.  I drove down the driveway that always intimidated me when I was a teen and new at driving and parked behind her car (forever in my mind a white Ford Escort though I’m sure that’s changed).  I went inside the back door into the kitchen.  Karen’s mom was there and she had just pulled out a pan of homemade biscuits.  She made some of the best biscuits I have ever tasted.  She invited me to sit down and have one with her famous Kool-Aid.

In my dream, Karen’s dad is still alive.  In truth, he passed a few years back.  He was a great man and so good to his family.  He walked in and laughed in his raspy voice.  He sat down next to me and we caught up and ate those biscuits with butter and jam.  Her whole family came in like this and soon we were all sitting around in the kitchen, cutting up like we used to.  Karen was the last one in.  She came in and sat across from me.  I told her how I had met Ian and was now his wife.  I told her I was pregnant with my first child.  I told her I missed her, some days so strongly that it makes me ache.

I woke up before she could say anything back to me.


4 responses to “Dreams.

  • Sheila craigge

    Dreams are a funny things. Some can be very enjoyable. I want biscuits. Maybe Karen will see you soon. Love

  • Steph

    The crazy dreams don’t stop once you have the baby either..I had a doozy of a nightmare the other night that woke me up in a sweat!


    That’s my girl, it’s about food!!!!!!!!!!
    If you know Karen’s phone number call her now and she will be so glad that you did! And so will you, true friends are a joy forever and a gift from God! And we never want to drift apart from each other, our friends want to share our most heartfelt moments with us, and heartstrings usually tug at us when we need to be in touch with each other!
    Kiss my little butterfly for me!
    Love you children, Shelia #2

  • Ed

    I saw Karen a while back as she was walking through the store, but I don’t think she saw me. Didn’t get a chance to go over and talk to her. Can’t remember her name, but I do see the one that lived up on Big Ridge(the one whose father was rebuilding the Datsun 240Z ) and she usually talks a minute and asks how you are.

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