Freedom and Pictures

We had our 14 week appointment this morning, and with it came another look at the baby! The technician had a hard time finding the cyst – a very good sign – and once she did, it had shrunk to 1.5 cm! We also got to see a great deal of baby’s movement, with plenty of bucking and kicking going on. The tech even decided to take an early guess at the baby’s gender!

So as you can tell from the pictures, the baby has grown a great deal, taking on very recognizable features. Susan is of the mind that their nose is going to be like her own. The tech did a number of measurements, but none of them stick out in my mind. They added up to indicate great growth and actually bumped the calculated due date to Dec 8th instead of the 10th. Apparently, however, this calculated date will change plenty of times, so our official date is still the 10th.

The tech identified the stomach for us and we got to see a perfect view of a four chambered heart pumping right along! The heart rate was measured, but the tech forgot to tell us the number. 😦 Its pretty wild looking at the progression of photos… from a tiny bean, to something that looks quite human. Susan still can’t feel a thing, though.

After the ultrasound, the doctor told us that Susan could technically return to work now, but she’d rather that she didn’t just yet. Instead, we’re due back in 3 weeks and in the mean time, Susan is to steadily increase her activity in the hopes of curing her fatigue. We’re hoping that by not being attached to the couch, her body will build up some energy stores, allowing her to go back to work strong.

You can see 3 more photos in the photo set on Flickr.

And no – we won’t tell you what the tech’s guess was. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


7 responses to “Freedom and Pictures

  • Jen

    Cool, you got a hand shot! We saw the hand at our 13 week u/s and it was just so cool. How tiny must those little fingers be!!

  • Ian

    Wow… I didn’t consider that Jen. If the baby is no more than 3 and a half inches long… wow.

  • Sandy

    I already know what the tech’s guess was! Not everybody must have known it was a secret 🙂

  • Laurie

    I’m so glad the cyst is shrinking. And how cool to see that little person. Yay!

    My little guy is going nutty with the acrobatics now!


    Praise God for the great results of the cyst! Prayer does work!!!!
    And butterfly is growing up to be a big girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pink and yellow not for a fellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mom take all the time you want to rest and sleep and eat lots for butterfly to feed on!!!!!!!!
    God bless you all what a sweet little family!
    Lots of prayers for you all!
    Love, Shelia #2

  • Steph Hansen

    Great news you two (or rather 3!). Take it easy rejoining the land of the living…go too crazy and Ian will tell the hall monitor on you (or at least that’s how I felt whenever I went to work and he watched the clock for how long I was there).

  • Ian

    Steph – you know it was for your own good. 😛

    Shelia – thank you so much for the kind words. We’re so glad you’re able to look in on us!

    Laurie – Don’t let your little one teach ours any bad habits. :/

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