Here is a little update on the gardens. We’ve got day lilies (the orange one) in both on the front porch and in the back yard, but this is the first one to have actually bloomed. I’ve been jealous of all the people that must have actually planted their flowers at the right time, because I’ve seen lots of these little guys all over the place lately.

The Asiatic lily (the yellow one) is the second color we’ve had bloom, but I didn’t get nearly as good of a photo of the red blooms. These are very interesting plants, growing tall and producing three buds at the very top. They are certainly very beautiful flowers, though!

The vegetable garden is performing nicely – or at least it seems to be doing okay. Like I’ve said before, I’m not positive that it is getting quite enough sunlight per day. The tomato plants are growing tall, but are not producing a great deal of blooms. I’m also beginning to re-think my choice of getting an indeterminate variety – I’m afraid they are about to go wild on me. The green peppers furtherest away from the tomatoes are stretching to reach the sun, and are growing nicely. I staked the cucumber plant up last night because it had fallen over. I was surprised to notice this morning that it had already sent a running up the stake! As for the eggplant, I’m watching this flower bud closely, because I think it will end up creating a beautiful flower!

Of course you can click on any of these photos to see plenty more photos. If you click on the veggie garden, you’ll find notes on the photo to tell you which plants are which.


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