Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a very busy, very tiring day for the both of us, but I think we’re both pretty happy about that.

The morning wasn’t anything to speak of: I was woken up twice to do some work I’d taken charge of, despite going off-call on Friday morning.  When it was time for us to actually get up, I don’t recall us doing much.

Around noon, though, we packed up my hockey gear and headed to the ice rink down south (not where I play) for a stick & puck session.  Basically, its a public skate session that allows full hockey gear, including, you guessed it, sticks and pucks.  Its an almost two hour session, so you can get a great deal of work done that you don’t really get in the midst of a game.  (Over the course of an entire game, you might have the puck for a total of two minutes – not too hot for practicing.)

Since Susie’s temperature regulation isn’t so great, she decided she’d rather not hang out at the rink.  Instead, I dropped her off at the mall.  I’ll let her tell her side of the story a little later, but I will tell you that her legs are sore this morning. 🙂

At the rink, I met up with Ken & Sandra, and was surprised to find my boss was in attendance as well.  We all spent the next two hours practicing our skating and passing, with a little bit of shooting and tactics in the mix.  One of the amusing impromptu bits was playing keep away with 5 people.  One person would grab the puck, then attempt to keep it as he or she barreled through the rest of the group.  Hopefully some of that will translate when it’s only one person defending you instead of five!

Afterwards, we were all pretty exhausted.  I headed back to the mall to pick up Susan bringing Ken, Sandra and their kids along with me.  Susan hadn’t met the kids yet, and they had to kill some time.  It was pretty uneventful, sitting in the food court, just chatting and watching me play along with their daughter on a kid’s meal game.

Eventually we all headed out to their house where we played video games for the next few hours.  After a few hours, Susan started to feel a little rough, so we decided it was time for us to head home, especially since we were now more than 30 minutes drive from home! (All you crazy people, living so far from town!)   Along the way, we stopped at IHOP and cured Susan’s craving for breakfast food.  We determined, however, that the serving sizes there were a little overwhelming, even for a pregnant woman and a guy with a fast metabolism.

Once we finally made it home, we were pretty much done for.

So far, Sunday isn’t looking like its going have much to speak of… 🙂


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