I haven’t posted in a few days, basically because I’ve been uninterested in the computer.  I was on-call during the week and combined with that, the day time work hours were pretty busy as well.  Nothing phenomenal, but tiring none-the-less.  After working 10 hours, I didn’t have much to say.

Along with work, I’ve been running around a good bit.  I had a game on Sunday, plus post-game activities.  Then I was invited to watch some friends play their hockey game on Monday night, plus post-game activities.  Tuesday night I came home, but Wednesday I had class… plus, you guessed it, post-class activities.  Thursday, as Susan mentioned, I came home and we ate out.  Tonight it looks like we’ll being going out with Mark and Laurie… to Rosepepper! (Where are you Lynk-lynk?)

Through all my activities, my wife has been an angel.  I feel guilty that she’s not been able to get out much, but I’m trying to make it up in the middle times…

I (alone) may take a down-and-back trip to Chattanooga one day this weekend to visit my grandmother.  They’ve reported that her congestive heart failure is getting a little more prominent, so I’d rather not wait two more weeks to see her.  Next weekend doesn’t have any plans for us, but since Bonaroo is going on, travel will be difficult between the two cities.   Instead we’ve considered inviting some friends over for a little grilling…

Oh yeah – and I’ve got to clean up the house, as that sure has fallen behind!

5 responses to “ugh

  • Susan

    I don’t know that I would ever term myself an angel, but thank you nonetheless.

  • Tom

    Ummm… I’m jealous of you Easties… always gettin’ together and stuff… at RosePepper no less. Someday I will get the family out there!

  • Elynka

    Boo! I want to go, but I will have to settle for “Taco Night” here at the Mullins’ household. Maybe this summer I can get the family loaded up…that is if you don’t mind company involving small children that sometimes act crazy.

  • Ian

    Eastside livin’, Tom! You gotta get with it!

    Lynka – anytime. We’ll need practice anyway, right? We’ve got plenty of room in the house for you guys.

  • Ed


    Anytime there is a problem on your normal route down here, its almost as quick and easy to come west on I-40 to Cookeville and then drop down Hightway 111 to J-Corridor. Different scenery, too. See your Grandmother all you can; both of mine have been gone for 40 years or so.


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